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13 Ways To Totally Not Freak Out About Your First Year At College

Freaking out is not a major. Calm yourself and #TakeCharge of your future with Temple University. Become an Owl today!

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1. Quickly learn your surroundings and class schedule with your phone!


You’re always attached to your phone, so why not use it to remind yourself of where and what classes require your presence?

2. Use a voice recorder during lecture!

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Zone out during a section of class? Missed a key point? No worries! Barring a professor's policies, you should be able to record the entire lecture and have it available for playback.

5. Your newly granted independence can lead to good things.


You're FREE! You're FREE at last! With new freedoms come new responsibilities. Your newfound sense of independence can lead to you maturing into a real adult.

6. Be sure to ALWAYS develop your support system.


As you may struggle with the everyday stresses, you may learn to have a greater sense of appreciation for those who have helped you along the way. Loved ones are only a text, call, or webcam session away. You won't feel as homesick.

9. Your professor has office hours. USE THEM!


Your education isn't limited to the confines of the classroom. You can be proactive with your education and develop a rapport with your professor. You may get to a point where they guide you with their course work, write you a stellar letter of recommendation, or mentor you about future career decisions.

10. Be open to joining school organizations.

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Put yourself out there by participating in something you're interested in or identify with. You may meet your new best friend, future job reference, or possible soulmate at a student organization meeting.

11. Be sure to sell your books at the end of the semester.

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It was a good ride: late nights and coffee spills, but it's time to move on. You passed the class. No sense in holding onto a book that will be an outdated version in a couple years. Get some money back by selling your textbooks at the end of the semester.

Owls aren’t prone to freaking out. Start your journey and become #TempleMade.

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