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    This Harry Styles "Saturday Night Live" Sketch About Sara Lee Bread Is Both Horrifying And Hilarious

    "Destroy me, king."

    For those of you who missed it, Harry Styles performed double duty on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and it was truly incredible.


    Here he is performing his new song "Watermelon Sugar," which is a certified BOP.

    Harry did a great job in all of the sketches (see: "Funeral DJs"), but we NEED to discuss the one about Sara Lee Bread.

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    Harry plays an Instagram manager named Dylan, and Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang play two of Sara Lee's employees who aren't exactly ~thrilled~ with Dylan's posts for the company account.


    "Sara Lee" has been very interested in Nick Jonas...


    And also this "random guy."


    Harry Styles uttering the phrase "getting railed to death" is something I never knew I needed.

    But it's not just comments. "Sara Lee" has also taken to captioning some of the brand's posts in...interesting ways.


    Basically, the whole thing is a LOT and exactly the kind of content I'm here to see Harry Styles do.


    Bowen, who wrote the sketch with Julio Torres, was quick to apologize to Sara Lee.

    Me and prodigal son @juliothesquare made Mz. @Harry_Styles say queer nonsense. Very very very sorry to everyone at @SaraLeeDesserts.

    But the damage was done and Sara Lee's Instagram page has been literally FLOODED with ~filthy~ comments.


    It looks like they may have disabled the comments on Instagram for a while, but they're back now and yes, they're still a LOT!!!


    Sara Lee's parent company Bimbo Bakeries USA even told the New York Post that they didn't "participate in creating the skit and its content doesn’t align with Sara Lee Bread’s brand. But, [they] all know SNL pushes the envelope for laughs and [they] are taking it in stride.”


    In conclusion, I will never be over this sketch and also the line "must get rid of toxic in community." Thank you.


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