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    14 Funny Things That Happened On The Internet This Week That Deserve Your Love And Attention

    "Do." — Harry Styles (2019)

    1. A lot was happening at this Pizza Hut:

    2. This guy made a huge mistake:

    3. Harry Styles broke the internet with a single word:

    4. The Joker won the weekend box office and his laugh won Twitter:

    the joker but he laughs like seth rogen

    5. This costume was, so important:

    6. These divas strutted their way into our hearts:

    Me and the three other people who don’t want to be at the party on our way to locate the rumoured obese cat in the bedroom

    7. This man was truly living his best life:

    8. Joe Jonas had the "best day ever," but Sophie Turner wasn't so sure about that:

    9. This kitty spun around and around:

    I WANNA DO THIS TO MY CAT SO BAD!!!! He'd have so much fun!

    10. This human crane machine was kinda perfect:

    IDC how old I am I wanna try dumb shit like this 🥰🤣🥰

    11. Tom Holland shaved his head and, as it turns out, people could not handle it!!!


    12. This gender reveal went over...not well!!!

    13. This little guy took a tumble:

    AT THIS PERFORMANCE, the role of Toto will be played by:

    14. And finally, The Avengers assembled!!!

    Okay this has to be one of the best tiktok videos I’ve seen yet 😭 #avengers