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    35 Purchases That Basically Say, “Why Yes, I Am A Sophisticated Adult”

    Because it's about time to get yourself together.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of bed sheet detanglers so you don't have to spend hours in the jungle of your laundry trying not to get devoured by fitted sheets. These will also ensure your sheets actually dry instead of coming out like a moist hairball.

    reviewer image of a beige sheet with corners inside the wad-free sheet detangler

    2. A plant-based surface cleaner that'll not only clean your countertops, appliances, tiles, and windows, but also leave behind its gorgeous blended scent of green tea and lime.

    reviewer image of a puppy sitting next to a bottle of puracy spray

    3. A set of hoodie hangers if your entire collection has been taking up too much closet space, bruh. These convenient hangers were designed to make storing your hoodies less of a headache.

    4. A 12-inch lazy Susan for your pantry so you can easily access all the spices you've neatly stored in your cabinet. Because you're an ah-dult.

    reviewer image of three lazy susans in a pantry

    5. Pink Stuff cleaning paste — no sticky saucepans, streaky stainless steel, or gunked-up glass shall prosper against you or this versatile cleaner.

    6. A jar of eucalyptus toilet-cleaning bombs because your toilet is in need of a good natural, chemical-free cleaner.

    several eucalyptus toilet fizzies next to a jar full of more

    7. A sleek, 16-piece matte black stoneware set with a trendy lipped rim design so your spaghetti doesn't go noodling off. These solid, earthy pieces will make every dinner feel like a night out at your fave fusion spot.

    8. A super-breathable eucalyptus bedding set from Sijo that are so silky soft, you'll be nodding off to sleep in no time. Night sweats will be a relic of yesteryear, because everything in this set is made of a cooling thermal-regulating material. We love to see it.

    Bed with white Sijo duvet cover and sheet set

    9. A pack of three large-capacity storage bags if you're a little late to spring cleaning (BTW it's summer) and still have winter clothes and comforters taking up space in this warm season. Double-layered with reinforced seams, you can be sure your favorite blankie stays safe when you're not using it.

    10. A playful, collared romper whose mesh sleeves are giving off "I'm here for business and pleasure" vibes. And it's got some extra stretch to it for added comfort.

    a reviewer wearing the black notch collar romper in a size large

    11. A reusable un-sponge to finally replace your rubbery, disintegrating sponges with something that'll actually last.

    three heavy duty zero waste squeeze sponges

    12. A gorgeous faux wood oil diffuser set that'll make your home feel a bit more like a relaxing day at the spa. All you're missing are two cucumbers over your eyes, and that's an easy fix.

    the faux wood diffuser and eight essential oil bottles on a marble surface

    13. A three-tier, hanging fruit basket so you can take your collection of Granny Smiths off the counter because you need that space to make the pie you're gonna take to your Granny Smith.

    reviewer image of the the woven three tier fruit basket hanging in a kitchen

    14. A pack of absorbent and multipurpose microfiber cloths for cleaning pretty much anything from electronics to glass surfaces! No more streaks and smudges for you.

    close up of reviewer using a lime green microfiber cloth to remove grease from a stovetop

    15. A minky weighted blanket made using recycled plastic bottles that still manages to be super soft and snuggly. You'll want to live under this warm and relaxing blankie forever!

    a model snuggles up under the blue weighted minky blanket

    16. A zero-waste starter kit including everything you need to begin a more minimal life. No more single-use plastics for you!

    the complete zero waste starter kit spread out on a white surface

    17. A sleek, red and black Bluetooth record player that'll not only add a vintage vibe to your space, but will also put a fun ~spin~ on your vinyl-listening sessions.

    reviewer image of the black and red Audio-Technica record player on a small wooden table with record storage

    18. A futuristically cool acrylic dry erase board with a light up stand for when those ~lightbulb~ ideas pop into your genius head and you need a place to scribble them down.

    the acrylic dry erase board on its light up stand

    19. A 5.5-foot metal blanket ladder so you can display your very sophisticated throw blankets and also keep them within reach when the temperature drops.

    reviewer image of the black metal leaning ladder with three throw blankets on three rungs

    20. A darling cropped sweatshirt whose elegant scalloped detailing can dress up even your most distressed of blue jeans.

    reviewer wears scallop bottom sweatshirt

    21. A rechargeable electric wine opener because your kitchen deserves a boozy upgrade. No more twisting and twisting and hoping the cork doesn't snap in two.

    22. And a pair of stemless, aerating wine glasses will help you taste all those chocolatey, berry-licious notes in your favorite Pinot. No more decanting full bottles of wine!

    Aerating wine glass cup

    23. A set of four acrylic canisters perfect for storing cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cotton pads. Because keeping them in their drab cardboard and plastic packaging is not okay anymore.

    reviewer image of two clear acrylic canisters one with cotton balls and the other with swabs

    24. A RoboVac that quietly cleans under your couches and chairs, so you can focus on more important things like keeping your pinky up while drinking wine.

    25. A sleek stainless-steel carbonator if you have a seltzer problem you have no intention of trying to get rid of.

    a model turns the lever on the Aarke carbonator

    26. A set of stackable fridge storage bins so you can more easily keep track of what you do and don't need to add to your shopping list.

    reviewer image of four stackable bins with fruit in them in a fridge

    27. A pack of minty, woven Coco Floss because your teeth and gums deserve better than floss that just kinda moves plaque from one side to the other. Coco Floss is made of fibers that work to grab everything that shouldn't be there.

    BuzzFeed writer Taylor Steele holds up a container of coco floss up to her mouth

    28. An Alexa-compatible Fire HD tablet you'll be able to fit your whole life onto! From reading books and watching movies, to calling loved ones and posting on Instagram, you'll have convenience at your fingertips.

    29. A luxurious spa bidet from Tushy that'll allow you to adjust the water temperature for optimal tushy comfort. You won't be able to go back to just regular ol' toilet paper ever again.

    30. A resin geode wireless charger because it'll double as some rockin' decor! And you can get it in any color you want!

    the navy emerald resin geode charger

    31. The Always Pan from Our Place if you're never sure what pot, pan, or tray to use to roast, saute, or steam. This multi-purpose pan braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, serve, store, and so much more. Finally take the guesswork out of cooking.

    32. A waterproof notepad — hate it when you get a great shower idea and then forget the second you dry off? Use this eco-friendly pad and soy ink pen to jot down your best and brightest ideas.

    reviewer image of a note written on the aqua notes which are mounted on a wet shower wall

    33. A Kindle Paperwhite so you can finally catch up on your To Be Read list. This waterproof Kindle now comes with Audible, so you can listen to your favorite true crime books while lounging in the bath.

    Hand holding the Kindle

    34. A pair of sustainably-made, medium-impact leggings you'll feel comfortable squatting in. These skin-tight leggings will stretch and breathe along with you as you hike, run, and downward dog.

    35. A dual phone sanitizer and charger sleek enough to fit seamlessly into your decor. If you're a clean-freak with a chronically 1% battery phone, this super cool gadget has got you covered.

    reviewer image of a smart phone inside the dual phone sanitizer and charger

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.