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    34 Products That Very Much Deserve Your Loyalty

    "All hail the king" -- you to all of these products.

    1. Two packs of streak-free stainless steel wipes that work to remove residue, water marks, and grease while leaving behind a protective barrier to prevent smudges. Because "stainless steel" appliances are called "stainless" for a reason.

    2. A pack of facial razors for easy and gentle peach fuzz removal and brow shaping.

    3. A bottle of melatonin sleep gummies if living with insomnia is your current nightmare. Just take two tasty gummies 30 minutes before bedtime to hopefully slip more easily into sleep.

    The container of the sleep gummies

    4. A pack of oil-absorbing tissues your T-zone will be eternally grateful for. And because they're made with organic bamboo charcoal, they'll be gentle on your skin. Sweat and oil will *not* be ruining your epic glam looks this spring.

    5. A microfiber hair towel because air drying your hair shouldn't have to mean dealing with water streaming down your face and neck, dampening your silk PJs. This super absorbent wrap will definitely cut down your hair-drying time!

    6. A set of five highly-pigmented eyeliners made with aloe vera extract and vitamin E for the most moisturizing cat-eye of your life. And you can expect this creamy formula not to budge throughout the day!

    7. A pigment-intensifying eyeshadow primer from NYX for color that lasts all day long. Just smooth this on before you apply your eyeshadow and watch those colors come alive!

    reviewer swatching eyeshadow on arm with and without primer. the shadows without were less vibrant, and the ones with were much more bold and pigmented.

    8. A pair of highly-rated high-waisted leggings that come in so many colors, you'll wanna stock up on 'em all. Say goodbye to your pants and jeans now, because there's no going back once you're in these.

    9. A pack of slow-cooker liners for quick and easy post-meal cleanups.

    A two-compartmented slow cooker with liners on either side, filled with dips and side salads

    10. A conditioning castor oil working to heal, nurture, and strengthen your hair over time. It's full of vitamins and fatty-acids that'll probably have you seeing improvements within a few weeks!

    11. A pack of racerback sports bras if the idea of a bra within a bra sounds like the only way to keep your boobs in check while you do reps of jumping jacks. From cycling to running, these will keep you moving with ease!

    12. A three-stage filtration Blueair Blue Pure 211+ air purifier whose activated carbon filter will help rid your home of allergens, dander, odor, and dust, so you can breathe easier.

    Beagle lying next to a black and white air purifier

    13. A pack of Swedish dishcloths made of cellulose and cotton so absorbent, they'll help you cut down on drying time so you can do something you actually enjoy.

    Lemon-patterned white dish cloth resting next to dish scrubber and bowl of lemons

    14. An all-natural stain remover providing a safe and effective way to get rid of those grass, blood, wine, chocolate, and makeup spots and smears.

    15. An epilator for long-lasting hair removal that gets at ~the root~ of the problem! Easily go several weeks without needing to shave, so breezy dresses, shorts, and skirts stay at the top of your go-to pile.

    16. A makeup brush cleansing shampoo from EcoTools because the black eyeshadow brushes you've been using used to be white. This hypoallergenic shampoo will return your brushes and sponges to their former glory.

    on the left, a reviewer's makeup brush looking dirty and on the right, the same cleaning brush now looking clean

    17. Mineral-based dishwasher detergent pods to deliver a squeaky and lemony clean wherever stuck-on messes and cloudy glassware roam. And it'll do all of that without even a trace of plastic!

    the lemon dishwasher pods displayed next to a sliced lemon

    18. A fragrance-free moisturizing cream your sensitive, dry, and cracked skin will thank you for. Get relief from eczema and irritation today!

    reviewer before and after images with dry and red skin in the before and smooth and clear skin in the after

    19. A set of temperature-regulating bed sheets made of naturally hypoallergenic fibers so you can get the cozy and cool sleep you deserve. They've got moisture-wicking properties because night sweats shouldn't be, like, a thing.

    folded set of sheets

    20. A heavy-duty ceramic cooktop cleaner for those caked-on messes, tough-to-remove stains, and splattered-on grease spots. And though it may be heavy-duty, it's still non-abrasive, so you won't leave your stove covered in scratches.

    before/after of reviewer's ceramic stove with burn rings and after photo showing the stove clean without marks

    21. A Revlon hot air brush that'll dry, style, and add volume to your hair in one fell swoop! With this oval brush, you can say goodbye to tangles and frizz.

    22. A Ninja Foodi— this 9-in-1 cooking gadget will transform the way you cook! As a pressure cooker, air fryer, slow-cooker, and tender-crisper, you'll be able to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a fraction of the time (with a fraction of the clean-up)!

    23. A 40-pound bag of dust-free clumping litter because your cat may be cute, but the icky-sticky-smelly crumbling balls of moisture they leave behind are not. Control odor with this medium-grain clay that form unbreakable clumps easy to sift and throw out.

    the bag of litter, a litter scooper, and a cat's paw

    24. A bottle of safety matches that are longer than your average match so 1. you don't burn your fingers and 2. you can more easily light candles with burned-down wicks. Also, these are super cute and have a handy strike pad on the jar.

    jar of gray safety matches

    25. A starter menstrual cup perfect for anyone who's been thinking about making the switch but hasn't yet. This comfortable silicone cup even has a removal loop so taking it out will be as easy as 1-2-3!

    the lily cup one against a copper background

    26. A Vitamix Explorian blender with 10 speeds that can create any texture. Soup, sorbet, and salsa are all a few pulses away. Its high-performance motor can deal with the toughest ingredients. And did I mention that it's self-cleaning? No? Well, it's self-cleaning.

    The blender on a counter next to some cherries

    27. A pack of breathable high-waisted underwear if your current collection constantly rise up, offer no tummy-control, or don't have enough stretch to prevent cutting off circulation. Because these are made of cotton and spandex, you'll be sitting pretty all day long!

    a model wearing the black wirarpa high waisted panty

    28. A two-piece lounge bed that doubles as a scratching post so your kitty can amuse themselves playing hide-and-seek, taking a catnap, or scratching up a storm. And its design kinda makes it look like a piece of art.

    29. Nuud anti-odorant for a 100% natural way to effectively prevent funky armpit smells. I know what you're thinking, but this one actually works!

    a model's hand holding up a bottle of nuud anti-odorant

    30. A durable shirt folding board to help you take back control of your closet. In a few quick motions, you'll have your shirts, pants, towels, and more neatly folded and tucked away!

    Reviewer image of a drawer full of perfectly folded shirts

    31. A heavy-duty grout cleaner will return your dirty and stained grout to its original color. No need to shell out $$$ to get it replaced.

    before image of reviewer's floor with dark grout stains and an after image of the grout completely cleaned

    32. Computer eye relief drops that help to relieve blurred vision, hypersensitivity to light, and dry eyes caused by staring at screens all the livelong day. And these drops are homeopathic, which means they contain natural active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals.

    reviewer image of similasan computer eye relief drop bottle in the palm of a hand with text overlaid reading "literal angel tears from heaven above"

    33. A set of easy-to-use foam rods for heat-free curls to die for! You can use them on wet or dry hair to get the perfect Shirley Temple ringlets or flowy beach waves.

    34. Scotts Outdoor Multipurpose Cleaner — this bleach-free formula is safe to use on fabrics and around plants, so you don't have to worry about your rose garden as you wash the pavement around it. I mean, you'll be able to remove grime and dirt from your deck, siding, patio, patio furniture, boat, get it.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.