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    11 Questions "Love Is Blind" Needs To Address On The Reunion

    There's so much still left to know from the Love Is Blind reunion special.

    Netflix's Love Is Blind has been an incredibly entertaining mess. That finale gave me everything I needed – and more.


    Only two couples went through with marriage after the experiment, and are somehow still married over a year later after meeting each other talking through a damn wall.


    Most stuff that'll likely be addressed in the reunion has been spoiled, including Damian and Giannina getting back together and the married couples still going strong.


    But there are plenty of questions the reunion, which is out on March 5, still needs to answer. Here are my most pressing questions I need to have addressed on the reunion:

    1. How Jessica feels about Barnett now:


    Jessica made it pretty obvious she still had feelings for Barnett while she was engaged to Mark. Ultimately, it played a large role in her not going forward with the wedding, leaving Mark at the altar. Now that it's been over a year, does Jessica still think of Barnett as the one who got away?

    2. If Mark and Jessica have talked since their awkward wedding:


    Here's where it gets really messy. When BuzzFeed News interviewed Mark, he said he's still friends with Jessica. But then in an interview with The New York Post, Mark said Jessica fully ghosted him after the wedding. I have no idea what's true and what's not, so I need answers ASAP!

    3. How Giannina and Damian got back together:


    Giannina's mom let it slip that her daughter is back together with Damian, even after he left her at the altar. All signs point to them being back on. But the big question is how they reunited and how long after the wedding fiasco it happened. I want to know everything!

    4. If Barnett and Amber figured out their financial issues:


    Barnett and Amber hit it off right away, but after their engagement, Barnett found out that Amber had some serious debt. It was a red flag that almost made him reconsider marrying her. A lot can change in almost two years, though. So did Amber pay off her debt? Is it still a huge issue for them?

    5. How Amber feels about the whole Jessica-Barnett situation:


    Speaking of Amber and Barnett's issues, who isn't dying to find out what Amber thinks about Jessica having feelings for Barnett while engaged to Mark? It was whole mess, and clearly strained Amber and Jessica's friendship. I'd like to see how Amber feels after watching Barnett and Jessica's conversations.

    6. If Kenny and Kelly are friends post-breakup:


    Kenny and Kelly ended things as amicably as they could, when Kelly pulled a big twist and said she loves him but didn't want to marry him. Kenny tried to leave things on a positive note, but it was definitely a super awkward experience. I'd like to know if they somehow remained friends after the whole ordeal, or if they parted ways for good.

    7. How Jessica feels about how she was represented on-screen:


    Jessica wasn't portrayed favorably on the show, to say the least. Not only did she experience backlash for feeding her dog wine (a big no-no!), but she also was seen as the villain for having a crush on Barnett while he was engaged, leading Mark on, and then dumping him at the altar. I'm sure it hasn't been easy for her to have millions of strangers commenting on her decisions, so I'd like to hear from her on whether that was an accurate portrayal of who she is in real life.

    8. How Mark and Kenny are doing after being left at the altar:


    Mark and Kenny are both cuties. I'm sure their DMs are full by now. I need to know if they're single for uhhh work. Yup, just work and not at all personal reasons.

    9. If Damian's family ever got to meet Giannina:


    Damian's family was not onboard with him (almost) marrying someone on a reality show. Now that there's a 99.9% chance Damian and Giannina are together, I'd like to know if his parents have met her yet – and if they finally approve of her.

    10. If Lauren and Cameron are going to have babies anytime soon:


    They're both adorable and it sounded like they were looking forward to having a family. Not to rush them or anything, but I'd like to know when they're combining their genes to make some beautiful babies.

    11. What Vanessa and Nick Lachey thought about all the drama:


    We didn't get to hear much from hosts Vanessa and Nick. They were just...there. Now that they're also hosting the reunion, we'll get to hear them weigh in on all the drama and I can't wait.

    What are you looking forward to the most on the reunion? Tell us in the comments!