11 Questions "Love Is Blind" Needs To Address On The Reunion

    There's so much still left to know from the Love Is Blind reunion special.

    Netflix's Love Is Blind has been an incredibly entertaining mess. That finale gave me everything I needed – and more.

    Only two couples went through with marriage after the experiment, and are somehow still married over a year later after meeting each other talking through a damn wall.

    Most stuff that'll likely be addressed in the reunion has been spoiled, including Damian and Giannina getting back together and the married couples still going strong.

    But there are plenty of questions the reunion, which is out on March 5, still needs to answer. Here are my most pressing questions I need to have addressed on the reunion:

    1. How Jessica feels about Barnett now:

    2. If Mark and Jessica have talked since their awkward wedding:

    3. How Giannina and Damian got back together:

    4. If Barnett and Amber figured out their financial issues:

    5. How Amber feels about the whole Jessica-Barnett situation:

    6. If Kenny and Kelly are friends post-breakup:

    7. How Jessica feels about how she was represented on-screen:

    8. How Mark and Kenny are doing after being left at the altar:

    9. If Damian's family ever got to meet Giannina:

    10. If Lauren and Cameron are going to have babies anytime soon:

    11. What Vanessa and Nick Lachey thought about all the drama:

    What are you looking forward to the most on the reunion? Tell us in the comments!