I Watched The "Love Is Blind" Finale And I Can't Deal With How Messy It Was

    Want to know who got married? Spoilers inside!

    After two weeks of incredible messiness, we've finally reached the end of the first season of Love Is Blind.

    There was no way I was missing the finale. I needed to know who made it through this "experiment."

    The second to last episode showed Damian and Giannina about to get married. Giannina looked so happy and ready to be married, despite all the drama that went on between them.

    Damian was crying, but those don't look like tears of joy. Dun dun dun!

    The finale picks up where Giannina and Damian left off.


    Giannina's mom throwing the flowers when he said "I do not" is giving me life.

    His reasoning wasn't any better:

    So Giannina does what any sane person would do and is like "peace out."

    That's when my favorite reality show thing happens: the camera person starts running after her.

    Giannina takes a tumble while walking away and still manages to look remarkably graceful.

    Her mom saying "He's an idiot, you can't do that" is a big mood.

    Giannina ultimately decides to talk to Damian and call him out on his BS:

    I've never been married, but I'm pretty sure you'd know if you want to marry someone or not before stepping foot at the altar.

    The Gibelli women are so damn good at using inanimate objects for dramatic effect. Giannina deserves an Emmy for slamming that chair.

    Damian tries to apologize, saying he'll always be in love with her. It's absolutely pointless to say at this point. Giannina is SO PISSED.

    It's awkward as hell when Giannina tears up her wedding dress and hands it to him. I have no idea what's going on at this point.

    Damian knows he fucked up, but after leaving Giannina at the altar he's still fully convinced they're not over.

    Meanwhile, Giannina is like "hell no," but after seeing the pic from the upcoming reunion, maybe Damian got away with it and they're back together.

    Next comes Barnett and Amber's wedding day! Theirs can't be as much of a dumpster fire as Giannina and Damian's, right?


    Turns out Barnett has cold feet. I'm not surprised, considering he literally thought he was going to marry two other women until making a last-minute decision to go with Amber.

    This cannot be good.

    Barnett pulled up to the venue with his tux in tow, so maybe there's still hope. At this point, who knows!

    There's a flashback montage of Amber confessing she has tons of debt, and Barnett's brother questioning whether marriage with basically a stranger is worth it.

    It's marriage time! Barnett looks hella nervous.

    Barnett's saying his vows and they're really sweet, so it looks like he's actually going to go through with the wedding after all!

    It's time to say the "I dos" and Barnett's awfully silent when it's his turn. I'm going to blame this on editing because if I'm marrying someone and they take over 30 seconds to say "I do," I don't want to deal with them.

    Everyone's awkwardly glaring, waiting for Barnett's answer.

    My face while waiting for Barnett to say "I do."

    Barnett, how could you play me like this?!

    Moving on! Now it's Kenny and Kelly's turn.

    Other couples like Amber and Barnett and Mark and Jessica have been stealing the limelight, but Kelly and Kenny had their own bumpy road to the altar. Kelly was getting strong friend vibes from Kenny, but they seem to get along a lot better than Giannina and Damian, so it's unclear where they stand.

    Kenny is super excited to marry Kelly!

    I'm sure Kelly feels the same way, right?

    Harsh! Kenny's a cutie and already deserves so much better than this.

    It's almost time to walk to the altar and Kelly at least looks happier. Maybe like Barnett she just had some pre-wedding jitters and it's no big deal.

    They said their vows and everything seems to be going great.

    The "I dos" took a hell of a turn! Wow!

    Their families' reactions are priceless.

    Kenny is a freakin' saint and instead of getting pissed off, he gave a speech keeping things positive.

    At this point, Kenny fully convinced me he's the underrated gem of Love Is Blind. He's definitely marriage material. Too bad Kelly didn't see him that way.

    Shoutout to Kelly's mom for recognizing how great Kenny is, though!

    Then things got even more awkward.

    Give him a break! He just got dumped at the altar!


    Moving on to happier things: it's Mark and Jessica's wedding day!

    Sure, Jan.

    Jessica has spent the whole show second-guessing whether she should be with Mark, so I'm very skeptical of her newfound excitement to get married.

    Mark says he knew Jessica was the one from the first time he heard her voice. Maybe this wedding won't be a total disaster after all!

    One of Jessica's friends asks her if she's excited. She's saying yes but her face says "NO." Uh-oh.

    Then she says this:

    Mark is a damn snack and I just want to tell him he deserves better.

    They're saying their vows and everything seems chill so far.

    It's the moment of truth: time to say the "I dos!"

    It's the most painfully awkward minute of waiting for Jessica to say "I do."

    Mark's mom knows shit's about to go down.

    Well, there you have it, folks!

    I'm about to pee my pants watching Mark's family's reaction.

    OMG I can't deal with Jessica's friends!

    Jessica's like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This finale has felt like an eternity but there's one more wedding left!

    Lauren and Cameron seem the most in love out of all the couples (with the exception of Amber and Barnett, I guess). They've quickly become fan-favorites because they're genuinely adorable together.

    But oh shit – Lauren's having second thoughts.

    I know this sound worrisome, but I don't actually think she'll break things off with him. The reunion pic says it all.

    If your man doesn't look at you like Cameron does when Lauren walks down the aisle, dump his ass.

    I'm getting teary-eyed watching Lauren wipe off Cameron's tears while he's saying his vows.

    Her family's crying hearing her vows to Cameron and it's the most wholesome, heartwarming experience I've witnessed on this show.

    It's time to say the "I dos"...

    YESSSSSSS! My babies! They fucking did it! Love is real!

    I love them so much.

    We've finally made to the end of this crazy journey! That is, until the reunion. I can't wait for that mess.