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    Looks Like A "Love Is Blind" Couple That Split Up Got Back Together And I'm Freaking Out Over The News

    At this point, expect the unexpected on Love Is Blind.

    Love Is Blind is truly one of the wildest reality shows I've watched. There's never-ending drama and it's the gift that keeps on giving.


    If you watched the finale, well, buckle up! Because this update on one of the couples just made things a lot more interesting.

    NBC / Via

    The Love Is Blind finale showed that Damian told Giannina he couldn't marry her because he didn't feel like she was ready for marriage.


    It was a whole painful ordeal with lots of crying.


    The reunion's arriving to Netflix on March 5, and according to the picture, Giannina and Damian are sitting close to each other, looking like a couple. This is surprising, considering how messy their relationship left off.


    Well, we found some major updates ahead of the reunion!


    A fan commented on Giannina's mom Milady's picture of her hugging her daughter, asking why she was still following Damian on Instagram.

    Via Instagram: @bellindaiza

    English translation: "But why do you follow Damian on Instagram like you're forgiving that he left your daughter at the altar. Ma'am, explain that! Is this all acting?!"

    In a now-deleted comment, Milady responded:

    Via Instagram: @bellindaiza

    English translation: "It's not acting, not even a little bit. I follow Damian simply because they reconciled and are still together, they love each other and it was best for [the wedding not going ahead] to happen because that way they could get to know each other better."

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

    Netflix / Via

    Love Is Blind producer Chris Coelen also told Metro that the couple decided to work things out after their breakup. "There was only one couple that broke it off that has attempted to re-engage and that’s Gigi and Damian."


    I can't deal with this news. My mind is absolutely blown.

    ABC / Via

    Now I can't wait to watch the reunion to see what other surprises are in store!

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