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A Canadian Kid Waited For Snoop Dogg In A Weed Outfit, Becomes National Hero

Yeah, we dubbed him "Weed Kid." Hi, Weed Kid.

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If you didn't know, Snoop Dogg is currently in small-town Truro, Nova Scotia filming a couple episodes of Trailer Park Boys.

ICYMI: @SnoopDogg thrills fans on set of Trailer Park Boys in Bible Hill

The town is literally a population of 12,000 so people were kind of buggin' out and offering him drugs and stuff.

why is snoop dogg in truro??? i am in some kind of alternate universe where people come to truro?????

Hey Mr. @snoopdogg - big cribbage tournament in Truro this weekend. We'd love a celebrity guest! Free beer and smoke for you! DM me.

Well, today, Snoop has popped up in Bible Hill (a suburb of Truro) and essentially all of its residents have gathered to try to get a glance at the rapper. A CBC reporter tweeted a photo of the huge rowdy crowd:

Big crowd here in Bible Hill aka Sunnyvale as fans try to get a peak at Snoop #cbcns


@elizmcmillan I can't even deal with that one dude (you know the dude I mean)

“I was just about to go for a jog in my weed track suit, what are all you guys doing here?"