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    12 Things You Didn't Know About Iggy Azalea

    Her relationship with pizza is very real.

    Just in case you haven't heard: "Fancy" rapper Iggy Azalea is owning this summer.

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    Back in April, we sat down Iggy to talk about why it's hard to have a big butt and how people react to her Aussie accent. We also picked her brain about completely random details of her life — here are some things you probably didn't know.

    1. Her dad was a visual artist, and growing up with an artist, she says, has made her a "complete psychopath" about her music.

    "I grew up with someone who used to do something over and over again until it's perfect," she explained. "He's taught me a lot outside of music about perfecting, and not having one go at something, but doing it again and again until it's right. It's made me a complete psychopath."

    2. She loves Roald Dahl books, because they were always a little bit dark.

    As a kid, one of her favorites was Matilda: "I liked the story. Maybe it's because they were always a little bit dark in their undertones. They were really interesting and had lovable characters and weren't cheesy."

    3. She had her first kiss at 13.

    4. "Fuck" is her all-time favorite cuss word.

    "I say 'fuck' a lot of times a day. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. It's so transitional."

    5. Back in Australia, she earned money by cleaning houses and hotel rooms.

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    "I was a cleaner which involved a lot of gross things, but that's not the worst day job [I've had]."

    6. But, according to Iggy, the WORST job she's ever had was being a cashier at a supermarket when she was 14.

    "You have to stand up all day long," she grieved. "When you're a cashier, that's hours and hours on end. You're not allowed to sit down and they made me wear leather work shoes, which were really uncomfortable and had no fucking support."

    What's worse, the efforts didn't even outweigh rewards: "I was making like $7 an hour and in Australia everything was expensive. A sandwich was $7, so you're like, 'Shit! I just had to stand around for an hour, and work is worthless because I bought lunch. I hate this fucking job.'"

    7. She hates pretentious pizza so she always goes for Papa John's. Like, five times a week.

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    "I eat [Papa John's] like five times a week. No joking," she said. "It doesn't try to be something that it's not. Like, Domino's tries to be fancy [with] herbs on top — it wants to do too much. It's trying to trick you into thinking it's something that it's not. I'm not ordering pizza for that. If I want fucking gourmet pizza, there are places to get it. I order Papa John's because I want shit pizza and I want it to be really doughy and I want a fuck-ton of cheese. I want complete shit. Papa John's is fine being that for me."

    We get it, Iggy. Really. We do.

    8. Grace Kelly is one of her biggest fashion inspirations.

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    "I like Grace Kelly — I like a girl that can wear a good structured bossy suit," she said of her style muse. "It's hard. I like [things] structured and bold and masculine, but also feminine."

    9. If she could have a drink with anyone in the world, it'd be André 3000. She's "obsessed" with him.

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    "He's awesome, he's original, he's genius," she gushed. "And his musical transitions. He's completely effortless. I love the way he raps. It's so conversational, but introspective. I don't even think he has a noticeable flow pattern. It's just literally sounds like he's talking to you. But it's minimal. I love the way he dresses. I love that he can wear pink wigs without seeming contrived. He's amazing."

    While they have never met, Iggy said she would love to one day work with him.

    10. For Iggy, the most difficult part of leaving home was that she was broke all the time.

    "I just didn't have enough money," she said of the days after she arrived in the U.S. at 16 years old. But she was "mentally" prepared for it, she said. "I knew everything that was here."

    11. Strangers sometimes throw racist remarks out at her — even when they're trying to holler.

    She recalls one time a man yelled from across a train platform in Houston: "'AY! AY! AY SNOW BUNNY! SNOW BUNNY! OVER THERE WHAT'S UP.'" She continued: "Don't try to talk to a white woman like that. So many guys have done this to me. Don't ever do this to me. [It's] the most ignorant way I've been hollered at."

    12. And finally, in a game of Kill/Fuck/Marry, who would she off? T.I., A$AP Rocky, or Biggie?

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    "Oh god… I'm just going to have to kill Rocky, obviously. No offense, Rocky. That's just standard. Clearly going to kill your ex. But then it gets weird. I don't want to have sex with T.I. but if you marry him I guess you'll have to anyway… So I guess I'll marry him and have a marriage of convenience? Where you don't have to do each other? And I'll fuck Biggie."

    Yeah, we went there.

    Thanks for being a good sport, Iggy!