7 Problems That Only People With Big Booties Have, According To Iggy Azalea

Iggy offers some gripes on her own assets.

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“Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea has one of the most talked-about lady butts on the internet. “People dedicate a lot of love to my butt,” she said in April at the New York offices of her label, Def Jam. But every big blessing has its curse. Below, the 23-year-old Aussie details some of the trials and tribulations of being a woman with a big booty.

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1. “Walking down the aisle of a fucking bus.”

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“My hips are wide, so the whole time it’s—” Iggy said while motioning an awkward sideways turn. “I don’t like buses at all.”

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2. You understand the “pool dilemma.”

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“You have to have a sash,” Iggy stressed. “I can’t go to the pool without one. I gotta wrap my swimmers up really quick. If you’re a girl with a big butt, you go to the pool with a wrap.”

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3. Wearing itty-bitty booty shorts is tricky.

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“Big butts come with cellulite,” Iggy said.

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4. And you can never wear full-bottom briefs.

“Only G-strings exist in my life because it’s just, like, [aggressive hand-cupping motion] I don’t think I’ve ever owned full-bottom briefs. They just don’t work.”

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5. You can’t find a flattering pair of white pants.

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“They’re so unforgiving,” Iggy explained. “White pants are not your friend.”

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6. You have to stock up on Spanx.

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“I’ve forgotten [to wear Spanx] today…which is why I’m having a problem with white pants,” she confessed.

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7. And worst of all, people stare at you, but don’t compliment you to your face.

Island Def Jam / Via kathybethterry.tumblr.com

Iggy says her backside gets a lot of anonymous compliments online, but blank stares in public. “People don’t tend to say anything to your face,” she said.

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