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15 Hilarious Times John Oliver Mocked Canada And Was Not Wrong

Because he can make a joke, and Canadians can take a joke.

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7. And wherein he created a PSA for the 1-in-5 Ottawans who are on Ashley Madison cheating on their spouses around the city:

HBO / BuzzFeed Canada

"OK, look, we get it. Ottawa is a depressing, frigid shit-hole and always has been, but having an affair is downright un-Canadian, and you think mounties have affairs? Not in those hats."


10. Or how most of us casually forgot Trudeau once showed a French interviewer how to fall down a flight of stairs as a party trick:

HBO / Via


"Look, no one is saying that is behaviour worthy of a head-of-state, but you cannot say it's not somewhat satisfying to watch a soul-patched man named Justin with a French accent just fall down some stairs." — Oliver