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25 Times You Were Proud To Be Canadian In 2015

Humanity, eh?

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3. When someone spotted a Sobeys clerk in Halifax walking a blind elderly woman home with her groceries.

Terri Bordage Stevens /

"An employee was helping an elderly lady home as the sidewalks are very icy letting her hold his arm and carry her groceries," the person who took the photo wrote in a Facebook post that's gone viral. "Now that's putting your customers first. Please thank him for being a great employee." The employee was later identified as Austin MacNeill.

4. When Eastern Canada was hit with one of the worst snowstorms this year, and those in the community still left care packages for their neighbours.

MT @NataliaGoodwin: Compass @ 6: Mother-son leave gifts of warmth in Charlottetown #pei


5. When the HMCS Calgary naval unit fulfilled a 10-year-old's dream to serve in the navy, appointing him as an Honourary Captain of their crew, as he battled a rare form of Leukemia.

HMCS Calgary also wrote a profile of young "Liam Elder, Sailor Extraordinaire" on the official Royal Canadian Navy website: "Many members of CFB Esquimalt, such as the Military Police and firefighters, also had the privilege of meeting this extraordinary young man, who undoubtedly left a lasting impression on everyone. His strength and perseverance is an inspiration to us all."

7. The "paying it forward" movement began to inspire others in the country.

Thanks to the kind man at Tim's in Olds today for buying the whole U12 girls softball team donuts for their tournament. #olds #payitforward


And the defacing of the Canadian $5 bill warms my heart

11. When Justin Trudeau posed with openly gay Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison and his family.

The simple gesture touched a lot of citizens. “Few countries in the world display such openness,” wrote Laurent McCutcheon, a Quebec LGBT advocate who shared the photo on Facebook.


13. When a mom wrote a letter to a teenage boy who helped her 6-year-old daughter learn to skateboard at the park.

You can read the letter here.


17. When a group of animal lovers in Vancouver rescued 120 dogs from high-kill shelters in California so they can have a second chance at being adopted.

Instagram: @thankdogiamout

20. When someone in Stouffville, Ontario saved Smiley, a golden retriever with no eyes, from a life of neglect and trained him to be a certified therapy dog.

According to Smiley's owner, he's now helped hundreds of people with physical and mental disabilities.

22. And when people extended their hands and hearts to new refugees in Canada this year...

Syrian families arrive in #yyc this little girl was handed a toy. @calgaryherald


24. Any differences aside...

#WelcomeToCanada Tear of Joy to see our humanity back. #refugeeswelcome

25. And put people first.

You are here and you are safe. You are here and you are loved. You are here and you can stay. Never been more proud. #WelcomeToCanada