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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Shedding A Tear?

    Humans are wonderful. WARNING: Not for the easily teary-eyed.

    First, look at the expression across this boy's face after concert-goers gave him a front-row seat.

    And the reaction of these two dads at the exact moment they met their new baby boy.

    Look at these photos of a man's "first hello" and "last goodbye" to his lifelong friend.

    And these, of how Duke spent his last day.

    Then meet rescue pup Billy, and his adopter Adam.

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    Check out Caine and his arcade.

    Then meet this security guard at the Magic Kingdom.

    Look through this couple's photos that prove love will trump all.

    Remember classic Winnie The Pooh cartoons? And how it taught you the heart-shattering beauty of true friendship?

    Witness man's best friend, and best friend's man.

    Watch as this guy carried out his brother's last wish: to tip an unsuspecting waiter/waitress $500.

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    And then there was this video capturing just how far this man goes to help save his wife's life.

    Here's the story of Harold Jellicoe Percival, a veteran who passed and had no close family who could attend his funeral...

    ...until, after other publications covered the story, hundreds of servicemen and civilians showed up the morning of Harold's funeral.

    Harold Percival's funeral in Lytham. Mourners young and old.

    Nick Garnett@nicholasgarnett

    Harold Percival's funeral in Lytham. Mourners young and old.

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    Look at the joy of this elderly man with a corgi.

    A Redditor found this note on the plane that someone wrote to herself.

    Take a look at this sign.

    And at this little boy after his hockey hero, Minnesota Wild's Charlie Coyle, waved at him.

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    Now, if you haven't yet watched Up, brace yourselves for the movies' first scenes.

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    :' )

    Watch this reunion between a soldier coming home to his dogs:

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    And the one between brothers:

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    This article.

    (After the story ran, 11-year-old Colin received thousands of cards on his birthday.)

    And these final moments of Mufasa's life in The Lion King...

    BRB :'( :'( :'(