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    Posted on 16 Sep 2016

    People Really, Really Want Nikki To Be The Next Bachelorette


    So The Bachelor Australia wrapped up last night, and let's just say, people weren't exactly stoked with Richie's declaration of love to Alex.

    Network 10 / Via Twitter: @dandebuf

    And #TeamNikki came out in full force.

    "Yes, hello 000 I'd like to report a very serious robbery" #TheBachelorAU #TeamNikki

    Literally everyone right now. #TeamNikki #BachelorAU

    RICHARD, I hope your mother reminds you every single day how disappointed she is in you #BachelorAU #TeamNikki

    Even Guy Sebastian chimed in.

    This is actually more of a robbery than 2003 Australian idol #TheBachelorAU #TeamNikki

    The bubbly, genuine WA girl won over the hearts of Australia in her quest for love, and was gracious until the very end.

    Well that's not the finale I expected. Nikki - you're a sweetheart 💛 #TeamNikki #BachelorAU

    Nikki has so much class!! #TheBachelorAU #TeamNikki

    And so I think we all know the next logical step...

    #TeamNikki for bachelorette #TheBachelorAU

    #TeamNikki all the way!!! @BacheloretteAU hope Nikki will be the next Bachelorette. She deserves better!

    Nikki for The @BacheloretteAU 2017 #Nikki #TeamNikki

    Nikki for The Bachelorette 2017 please.

    Network 10

    #TeamNikki forever and always.

    1. Would you like to see Nikki on The Bachelorette 2017?

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    Would you like to see Nikki on The Bachelorette 2017?
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      Yes! She deserves to find love!
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      No, she's a precious flower than deserves better than this show.

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