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    29 Moments Every Australian '00s Kid Remembers

    Remember "Strawberry Kisses"?

    1. Nikki Webster at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

    2. The birth of Popstars and Bardot.

    Popstars was the first Australian reality talent show, and produced bands such as Bardot and Scandal'Us. Iconic.

    3. Madison Avenue's bizarre performance at the 2000 ARIAs.

    Musical duo Madison Avenue, famous for songs like "Who The Hell Are You" and "Don't Call me Baby" performed at the 2000 ARIA awards. Halfway through the song medley, lead singer Cheyne Coates beckoned for a glass of water, then awkwardly danced around it, obviously yearning for it, but never having a chance to take that sip mid-dance routine.

    4. Looking for Alibrandi.

    5. Kath and Kim.

    6. The Weakest Link and it's one quotable line.

    7. Rabbit-Proof Fence.

    8. Steven Bradbury's gold medal win at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

    9. Australian Idol and Guy Sebastian.

    Australian Idol... those were the days. There was the winning combination of James Matheson and Andrew G (now Osher Gunsberg), the ~controversial~ Dicko comments, the super weird Mark Holden and the ever-smiling Marcia Hines. And Guy Sebastian winning the first series was a magical moment, there's no denying it.

    10. Paris and Millsy's ~scandalous~ hook-up.

    The year was 2003, and Rob "Millsy" Mills, fresh out of Australian Idol fame, met a certain heiress at the Melbourne Cup. The two did a ~duet~ of sorts that night, and Millsy has not heard the end of it since.

    11. Delta Goodrem's rise to fame...

    12. ...and cancer diagnosis.

    13. Darren Hayes singing "Lost Without You".

    14. The end of Cheez TV.

    15. Merlin's eviction on Big Brother, 2004.

    16. The Big Brother proposal.

    17. The romance of Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt.

    18. Wolf Creek.

    19. The Summer Bay Stalker.

    20. The turkey slapping incident.

    Controversy brewed in 2006, when two Big Brother contestants were ejected from the show after an alleged sexual assault. One housemate Michael Bric held down Camilla Severi on her bed while the other, Michael Cox, pushed his crotch into her face. The incident sparked calls for the cancellation of the series, however in the end no charges were pursued.

    21. Chris Hemsworth on Dancing With The Stars.

    In 2006, Chris Hemsworth shook what his mama gave him for Dancing With The Stars. At the time he was just another Home and Away contestant on the show, but now considering Chris is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, it's a great trip down nostalgia lane.

    22. The tragic death of Steve Irwin.

    23. The end of Blue Heelers and All Saints.

    Blue Heelers and All Saints were two iconic, long-lasting shows, that all Aussie '90s and '00s kids remember fondly. Blue Heelers came to an end in 2006, where we bid a farewell the beloved Mt Thomas and hospital drama All Saints said goodbye to our TV screens in 2009.

    24. Kevin '07.

    25. Axle Whitehead's "flash" at the ARIAs.

    26. Summer Heights High.

    27. The introduction of the Bra Boys.

    28. The 2008 apology to Indigenous Australians.

    View this video on YouTube

    In 2008, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd became the first Australian Prime Minister to publicly apologise to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the government. With most schools and workplaces stopping to listen to the speech, it's an iconic moment many young Aussies remember.

    29. Karl Stefanovic drunk on the Today show, after the Logies.

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