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Here's Who Could Potentially Be "A.D." On "Pretty Little Liars"

A.D. definitely stands for "Aria's Dad".

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15. Caleb Rivers


Jemima: No! Not Caleb! He’s too pure and perfect. I refuse to believe it.

Tahlia: Fuck, I’d love it. He has the tech knowledge. Plus that creepy “eat your pie, Mona” vibe he was giving off. That convo was also the last time we saw Mona being "herself", even though she was starting to crack. What if she knew he was A.D. but she was stuck and couldn’t do anything about it? But alas, it won’t be him. I expect to see him, Hanna, and baby Rivers-Marin at the end of the finale.

Jenna: It would be quite the twist, but I really don’t think it’s gonna happen. And Haleb is 100% endgame.

A.D. ranking: 0/10

14. Alison DiLaurentis


Jemima: I do not like Alison. She’s shady, she can’t be trusted, and we’ve seen evidence of this for seven seasons. All signs point to her being involved in some kind of way. BUT! I know how fucking keen I.Marlene King is for Emison to be endgame, and that would never happen if Ali was A.D.. Sad!

Tahlia: For any of this damn show to make sense, something has to point back to Alison… she started this whole mess. But I’m kinda doubtful we’ll ever get full clarity when it comes to ~that night~. And now she’s up the duff, on a huge redemption arc, and all loved up, I’m certain we'll never see evil Alison again.

Jenna: I would LOVE this theory to be true. It’s the only thing that would make Alison’s inconsistent and weak characterisation make sense. Bring back sociopathic genius Ali! But yeah, as much as I’d like it – I highly doubt it’s gonna happen. An Emison happily ever after is also on the horizon.

A.D. ranking:

13. Jason DiLaurentis


Jemima: Where has Jason been? I mean, he’s probably off brushing and conditioning his perfect long hair, but his absence is still shady. That being said, does he have a motive? Initially A.D. was motivated to find Charlotte’s killer but I don’t think Jason has the motive or the intelligence to build a high-tech board game.

Tahlia: A lot of signs seemingly point to Jason. A.D. giving Aria special treatment and bringing her onto the team... Jason had a big crush on Aria. Being a relation (and um, former boyfriend) of Charlotte, he could be out to avenge his sister/cousin’s death. Also his family tree is so fucked it’d send anyone a little crazy. I’d normally be rating him a 7/10, BUT given the fact IMDb states he’s not actually in the finale, it seems a little unlikely.

Jenna: Oh Jason, my beautiful, absent fave. I just don’t think he’s been given enough to do in recent seasons to actually be A.D.. He feels kind of irrelevant at this point.

A.D. ranking:

12. Peter Hastings aka Slut Daddy


Jemima: He’s too busy sowing his seed all over Rosewood.

Tahlia: He’s probably the father of A.D., which makes him guilty by association. He’ll need more than Olivia Benson to get out of this hot mess.

Jenna: Peter Hastings is the worst. If he could keep his dick in his pants, none of this would have happened. But nah, he’s not A.D.

A.D. ranking: 1.3/10


11. Lucas Gottesman


Jemima: For a hot minute there, all signs pointed to Lucas. He was friends with Charlotte, he has a lot of money, and he drew creepy comics which is a sure sign of a sociopath, according to TV shows. I can see him being on the A.D. team but I think that he was probably being blackmailed to do so. Too obvious.

Tahlia: Honestly it must be exhausting to be A.D. and having to blackmail everyone. I think Lucas was being blackmailed by some creepy mask via FaceTime, and will probably pay for switching to the Liars’ side… with his life.

Jenna: I’d be so disappointed if A.D. turns out to be Lucas. But it wouldn’t be the first time this show has let me down. There are some signs that point to him being on the A.D. team, but there’s not enough to suggest he is the Uber A. This season’s focus on Spencer and Aria, rather than Hanna, makes Lucas one of the least likely suspects for me.

A.D. ranking: 1.6/10

10. Blind Jenna and her crew


Jemima: They’re too busy with their play to spend time chasing the Liars all over Rosewood. Plus, it’s never who we suspect. Also didn’t we see Jenna being abducted by A.D. after the blind school fiasco?

Tahlia: So Jenna got "abducted" by A.D., A.D. thoughtfully gave her something in braille, then all of a sudden Jenna was back tap-tap-tapping her way around the police station telling Spencer and Fury that Noel had been trying to kill her, right? She’s on A.D.’s payroll for sure, but she’s not A.D.

Jenna: She’s shady and definitely part of the A.D. game – whether that’s voluntarily or under duress, I don’t know. But she’s not A.D..

A.D. ranking:

9. Ezra Fitzgerald

Jemima: I have never thought of Ezra being an A.D. suspect, but I would love the SHIT out of that plot twist. The only way he could be A.D. is if Archer (or someone else) killed Ezra, and took his place using those high-quality masks we saw earlier this season.

Tahlia: Ugh, I would LOVE this to be true. The whole knowing Alison before she disappeared thing. The book. The dark look at the can of chickpeas. His masters in English literature really just being a ruse. And as a bonus we’d also see Aria’s crying face again. It’d be amazing. Unfortunately I think he’s more likely to die in the finale, than actually be A.D.

Jenna: Look, I would love this twist. Ezra has been suss from day one. I have never been into his character, or his relationship with Aria. It would pack such an emotional punch. But sadly I don’t think PLL are gonna mess with any of the endgame couples at this point.

A.D. ranking: 2/10

8. Charlotte DiLaurentis/CeCe Drake


Jemima: She’s dead. I refuse to believe otherwise. I will not watch seven seasons for the villain to be a zombie problematic trans character. Bye.

Tahlia: If they do a “surprise! Charlotte is alive” twist, I will have to be admitted to an institution myself after wasting seven years of my goddamn life. But also with the “surprise, Charlotte was still actually evil” storyline shown last episode, who knows anymore. Dead or alive, Charlotte knows who A.D. is, or at least enlisted them to play the game with her before she died.

Jenna: I was mad when Charlotte was revealed to be A, and I’m gonna be SO MAD if she turns out to be A.D. too. It wouldn’t make sense, especially since A.D.’s initial motivation was to find out who killed Charlotte. Then again Charlotte could have made that up just to fuck with the Liars. I wouldn’t put it past the PLL writers to pull a plot twist like this at the last minute.

A.D. ranking: 2.3/10


7. Mona Vanderwaal


Jemima: She’s certainly got the smarts, but I don’t think she’s got a motive. She was A for a while back in Season One and Two, and I just don’t think I.Marlene would bring that storyline back.

Tahlia: If they hadn’t pointed all signs to her in previous episodes, I’d be 100% for Mona playing these dumb bitches this whole time. She had the game and she “gave it away”, but what if Charlotte was just another pawn in her game? Then she killed Charlotte to get her game back. FULL CIRCLE. OK, so this isn’t going to happen. But I betcha she’ll figure out who A.D. is before the other Liars do, and sweaty, I can’t wait.

Jenna: I kinda want it to be Mona. It would be a satisfying ending, considering she was the original A. It’s never been entirely clear what her motive was, even when she seems to be on the Liars’ side. She’s smarter than them all, and could totally pull off the A.D. game. But she’s not the most likely suspect at this point.

A.D. ranking: 2.6/10

6. Byron Montgomery


Jemima: I am gunning for this theory to be true. If it happens, I will lie on the floor and laugh until I die.

Tahlia: Picture it. The black hood falls off to reveal Byron. The Liars, confused as always go white with shock. “A.D.?!” they say. “Yeah guys, Aria’s Dad, duh,” Byron points out, rolling his eyes at how dumb every single person who watches this show is.

Jenna: LOL. No.

A.D. ranking: 3/10

5. Melissa Hastings


Jemima: She’s shady. Whatever happened with her suitcase handle? I remember that being a plot point for a while. But again I think that she’s probably just helping A.D. (maybe she’s being blackmailed too), and isn’t actually a Big Bad herself.

Tahlia: I can’t imagine being thrilled if it were Melissa, because like, WHY? Similar to Wren, I think she somehow got caught up in the mess from the very beginning and A.D. has something on her. Would love to see those crazy Nanny Carrie vibes back though.

Jenna: I’ve never trusted Melissa, but I don’t think she’s A.D.. She MIGHT be on the A.D. team with Wren. She’s shady. But I feel like deep down she just wants to protect Spencer? Maybe she’s an undercover agent.

A.D. ranking: 4.6/10

4. Wren Kingston


Jemima: I’ve suspected Wren for the last ten episodes. There’s no other reason for him to come back unless he’s somehow involved in being part of A.D.’s team. I personally don’t think he’s A.D. though.

Tahlia: I have a theory that whoever was shown at length in the preview for the finale episode is not A.D.. Also if it’s Wren, I’ll have a lot of questions that I’ll need very comprehensive answers for. I think he’s caught up in this mess with A.D. somehow for something he’s done in the past, but is he the big dog? Doubt it.

Jenna: I feel like Wren is DEFINITELY on the A.D. team, but not THE A.D. He might not be an actual bad guy, but he sure is shady. I think he probably discovered the truth about Spencer being a twin and was trying to help A.D. in some way (see: airport scene). He just can’t resist those Hastings girls.

A.D. ranking: 4.6/10


3. I.Marlene King

Jemima: I’m still not entirely convinced that all this is real. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if the last scene of the show pans out and it just shows Spencer or Ali or someone sitting in Radley playing with dolls, making up every storyline.

Tahlia: Well, we all know Marlene has a cameo and loves fucking with us.

Jenna: Chances of this happening: 70%. Chances of my head exploding from rage when it does: 100%.

A.D. ranking: 7.6/10

2. Bethany Young

Jemima: Up until two days ago, I thought that Bethany was an irrelevant character that we wouldn’t ever hear from again. But then I read an insane, super-lengthy theory that Bethany is actually Spencer’s twin, and has been helping Ali and Charlotte torture the Liars for years. I’m hella into it.

Tahlia: I’ve honestly spent the whole last season so confused, because I thought Bethany was dead and buried. But given how many times her name has popped up in every single theory I’ve ever read, she’s a consideration for sure. She ticks the A boxes: Radley patient, (potential) murderer, and she was caught up in the night Ali disappeared. But they better tell us who’s really in that damn grave if it’s not Bethany, or I’ll be pissed.

Jenna: I totally buy the theory that Bethany Young is actually Spencer’s twin. It would finally give relevance to the character we’ve heard so much about but rarely ever seen. It would tidy up a lot of loose ends about Yellow Top Night and Charlotte’s experiences with Bethany at Radley. I kinda hope this theory turns out to be true.

A.D. ranking: 8.6/10

1. Spencer's twin

Jemima: I 100% subscribe to this theory. WTF was up with that airport scene with Wren? There is no way that Spencer doesn’t have a twin, imo. I’m not quite sure what her back story is, but I’m assuming she was friends with Charlotte, and continued the game after her death. Also, I think A.D. stands for something in Latin, which is a very Spencer thing to do. (The Latin word for “other” starts with A, I’m still trying to figure out what the D is.)

Tahlia: Look everything is pointing to this – but just as I convince myself this is the ending, I then think of the PLL writers trolling us and throwing a bunch of weird Spencer scenes in as a red herring. However, given the fact that the previous A (Charlotte) had a direct bloodline to two of the Liars, I’m thinking they’ll continue this fucked family tree with the evil apple twin Spencer never knew she had.

Jenna: I am so convinced by this theory, my mind will actually be blown if A.D. turns out to be anyone else. Twins have been such a prominent theme throughout the show that this feels like the ultimate pay-off. With Spencer in particular, there have been a bunch of clues – like that weird interaction Hanna hallucinated when she was kidnapped, and the time Ezra saw Spencer with Wren at the airport. Also, why else would they introduce the whole plotline of Spencer being Mary Drake’s daughter? All A-roads seem to lead back to this family. I’m betting A.D. is A.Drake.

A.D. ranking: 10/10