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    Posted on 22 Jun 2017

    21 Super Extra Things Fangirls Have Actually Done

    I didn't choose the fandom life, the fandom life chose me.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their most epic fangirl stories. Here are some the best answers.

    1. Harry's fork:

    "I worked in a pub next to Harry Styles' house in London. The first time he ever came in, I was so excited I ended up stealing the fork he used to eat his food with. I took it home with me and kept it in a bag for a good six months!"


    2. The accidental spit:

    "I have followed 5 Seconds of Summer since their early YouTube days in 2011. When they came to my state for the first time this past August, I was the first to grab my tickets. I spent months preparing and figuring out what I was going to do when I finally saw them. So, I prepared my sign with the fairy lights around them that said 'Forget your English Love Affair, I can be your Mrs. All American' (song names). My dad surprised me with meet and greet tickets the day before. I was planning on being the cool and confident fan girl that they liked, but that was soooo not what happened. When I finally walked up to the table where Ashton, the drummer, and Calum were sitting, I choked on my own spit and it flung out onto Calum's face, and then I cried."


    3. The Niall stalker:

    "I followed Niall Horan from One Direction around a golf course. Didn't talk to him, just stuck close and creepily stared... I don't even like golf."


    4. The story of Jack "Bearakat":

    Instagram: @ahoyrebecca

    "Y'all know the band All Time Low? I was OBSESSED. I went to the show and had previously bought meet and greet passes. Jack Barakat was my favorite human at the time so I MADE him a bear. I dyed the shirt to match one of his Glamour Kills JAGK shirts, gave it a wig complete with blonde highlight strips, and a guitar."


    5. The Bloomin' tattoo:

    "Got a tattoo of Orlando Bloom's first public Instagram post because he’s god."


    6. The impersonator:

    "After One Direction's Take Me Home tour concert, I found out which hotel they were staying at, and obviously it was the one with the thousands of girls by the front door. I knew Harry Styles' sister, Gemma, was at that concert from an earlier Instagram post, so I thought I could try to pretend like I'm her and see if they'll give me a room key. I snuck in the back door, convinced the front desk women that I was Harry Styles' sister with a terrible British accent (the only question she asked was who the tour manager was, and at the time it was Paul Higgins so duh), and then I went up the elevator to the booked out floor they had. I was probably pacing in the hallway for about an hour until I got the nerve to use Gemma's room key, and when I did it was empty. I looked around and I knew it was her room because there was an envelope with her name on it and the special concert passes from that night on the dresser, so I snatched them and bolted."


    7. Hitching a ride:

    "OK so, this wasn't me but it was still hilarious. When I was in middle school my two best friends won meet and greet tickets off the radio to meet R&B singer Mario. I was honestly unfazed, but going along as support. These two older chicks made sure they got seated right next to where he'd be sitting. Question time came, and we were all pressured into asking something and these two girls asked what hotel he was staying at. He declined to answer, obviously.

    When we were leaving, walking along to my friends mom's car, we saw them both climbing under the car that would take him back to his hotel. I'm not sure if they jumped out when he came out or what. But looking back, I admire that level of commitment."


    8. Not actually Milk Fic:

    "Once after I finished my finals I had about an hour left of class so I wrote a five page Ryden (Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco) proof conspiracy theory. It was all based around the sun and moon theory, in which they used references to the sun and the moon to refer to each other in their songs. I went all out, including every song reference to their relationship and there were pictures and tweets, and every piece of evidence I could find to prove that Ryden was real. In the end I think I put more work into that than the final!"


    9. The 1D camp-out:

    "I camped outside of One Direction's concert in Ireland (which I flew to from Florida because there were no concerts close to Florida) and waited for three days on the streets in a foreign country (in October so it was freezing) with signs that I brought from home just so Harry Styles would smile at me."


    10. Draco's biggest fan:

    "When I was 11 I was embarrassingly obsessed with Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter. I would spam text my friends 'I love Draco' over and over again, I got a cardboard cutout, I would tweet Tom Felton constantly to get him to tweet back to me, I photoshopped my face to pictures with him, I even bought a autograph for $100 that may or may not even be authentic. I asked him on Twitter and he replied 'probably not'."


    11. Niall's spell:

    "When I was at a One Direction Concert for their Midnight Memories Tour, I swear Niall Horan waved at me, so I went crazy. I eventually couldn’t breathe and I passed out."


    12. The epic proposal:

    "I was meeting JoJo for the second time, and I figured we were close enough that I was able to ask her to be my fiancé. She remembered who I was even though it had been a year since we met, and she said yes. So I can proudly say I'm engaged to JoJo."


    13. A sacrifice for Liam's sweaty towel:

    "When I was 16 I was OBSESSED with One Direction. I flew all the way from Hawaii (where I live) to Miami to see them in concert. About halfway through the concert Liam wiped his face on a towel and then threw it into the audience. I was a few rows from the front and was hysterical when I caught it. But the happiest moment of my teenage life lasted all of .05 seconds because the girl next to me tried to grab it out of my hand! Then, when I wouldn’t let go, she started punching me and then, I kid you not, SHE SAT ON ME. The worst part is security made me give her the towel because they thought she was the one who caught it!"


    14. The cold wait:

    "I waited in line 23 hours for a Panic! At The Disco concert. This may not seem a lot, but I slept on the street and it was freaking November."

    –Beatrice Toscano, Facebook

    15. Panic at the Kinky Boots:

    "Very recently my friends and I flew to NYC for four days (we're from CA) just to see Brendon Urie (you know, Panic! At The Disco) on Broadway in Kinky Boots. Not only did we scream like the fangirls we are during the show, but we realised you can meet the cast after. Once we finally met him, got his autograph, and took an adorable selfie we burst into tears because of excitement. I was so nervous the whole time we were talking to him I got tunnel vision and was dizzy."


    16. All Time No:

    "The first time I met the All Time Low boys, I gave Alex a giant notebook filled with letters, shitty drawings, interview questions, and my phone number. Oh, and I also cried."


    17. Stalking Archie:

    "My sister and I are obsessed with the show Riverdale and two weeks ago, the four main cast members were in Philadelphia for a Comic Con thing. We couldn't actually go to the convention but we had some blind optimism that maybe they would do typical Philly sightseeing in their down time. Then KJ Apa (who plays Archie!) posted an Instagram story of himself working out at the Art Museum steps. So my sister and I jumped in the car and drove down to the Art Museum, hoping he would still be there. Luckily for us, he was but we didn't exactly know how we were going to approach him to ask for a picture. We followed him around, and waited for the perfect moment to ask him for the picture. Finally, we were sitting on a bench and he walked up from behind us and I just yelled 'YO KJ! Can we bother you for a pic?' Luckily he was super nice... such a funny day but required next level stalking on our part."


    18. The avid "Claymate":

    "In the early-mid '00s, I was a massive Clay Aiken fan, or 'Claymate', if you will.

    Not only did I have all his CDs, merchandise, the memoir he wrote, and each of his TV appearances taped on blank VCR tapes, but fans in the 'Claynation' were notorious for recording concerts and giving DVDs and CDs to fellow fans. We called this 'Clack', as his music was as addictive as crack. So cringeworthy, right? In December 2006, when I saw him in concert (for like the fifth time), I had agreed to call a fellow fan in Oregon, so that she could hear the show – we called it a 'cell-cert', or cellphone concert. He actually SAW me from the stage and called me out!"


    19. Avril's scrapbook:

    "I will be forever be known by anyone who went to middle school with me as the crazy Avril Lavigne fan. Had posters plastered all over my walls, took up skateboarding, the whole thing. At one point when she was engaged to Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 I made her a SCRAPBOOK about their relationship and actually mailed it to her. Never heard anything back, I don’t blame them."


    20. The fence climber:

    "I was climbing a fence while it was raining and was pushed down by security because I was trying to reach Ricky Martin at the Latin Grammys red carpet event."


    21. The happiest birthday:

    "I ordered a birthday cake for Heejun from KNK, a kpop group. I thought I’d organise a fundraiser to get him a birthday cake to consolidate our growing fandom, Tinkerbells. I raised over $250 and through the help of some translators, I had a cake shop in Seoul send a cake to his label. He had a live stream with his fellow members where he showed off his presents and he complimented and liked my cake. I struggled so hard to get him that cake and I’m glad he liked it."


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