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    • mckennam48906aee0

      When I was 16 I was OBSESSED with One Direction. I flew all the way from Hawaii (where I live) to Miami to see them in concert. About halfway through the concert Liam wiped his face on a towel and then threw it into the audience. I was a few rows from the front and was hysterical when I caught it. But the happiest moment of my teenage life lasted all of .05 seconds because the girl next to me tried to grab it out of my hand! Then, when I wouldn’t let go, she started punching me and then, I kid you not, SHE SAT ON ME. The worst part is security made me give her the towel because they thought she was the one who caught it! The next day I had bruises all over my body. Now when I look back on it I honestly cant believe I let myself get beat up for a sweaty towel lol.

    • mckennam48906aee0

      All the ones saying that their parents wouldn’t get a toy for them because it was a “girls” one or a “boys” one made me so upset. When I was little I was a huge tomboy and hated anything pink or girly. I loved hot wheels cars. They were like a dollar at the grocery store and I would get one whenever I did well on a spelling test. My parents knew how much I enjoyed playing with them so for Christmas they got me the hot wheels track without me even having to ask. It means so much to me that the thought never even crossed their minds that I shouldn’t play with something because I was a girl, despite a lot of people making fun of me for being so “boyish”. Ironically i’m a huge girly girl now, but I still obsess over nice cars lol.

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