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24 Songs You Didn't Understand Until You Were Older

Turns out "Pony" isn't about horses.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what song lyrics totally went over their heads when they were younger. Here are some of the hilarious answers.

3. "Get Down" – B4-4


"Unfortunately while in the car with my mom one day, I started singing as loud as my little voice would go, 'If you get down on me, I'll get down on you. I will do anything that you want me to.' My mom was horrified." –Ashco1983


9. "Buttons" – The Pussycat Dolls

YouTube: ThePussycatDollsVEVO / Via

"My mum once asked me what I thought the song meant, and I looked at her, perfectly innocent, and said, 'She's too hot from dancing, but her buttons are stuck.'" –emilyc41abdc66c


12. "Candy Shop" – 50 Cent

YouTube: 50CentVEVO / Via

"As a kid, I always thought he was so romantic because he takes her to a candy shop and lets her lick the lollipop. Now I'm older, I realize exactly what kind of candy shop he takes her to." –Paulina Salomonsson, Facebook


16. "Bad Touch" – The Bloodhound Gang

YouTube: BloodhoundGangVEVO / Via

"I now know that this is a sex-crazed song, but when I was younger I would watch this on MTV and sing along without a care." –Sara Nettleton, Facebook

18. "2 Become 1" – Spice Girls

Virgin Records / Via YouTube: EMImusic

"I mean there are lots more explicit lyrics out there, but I have yet to hear another song reference condoms. And really, good on the Spice Girls for spreading the message." –Karen Wild, Facebook


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