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    23 Ways Being An Aussie Teen In The '00s Changed You For Life

    Someone yelling "Touchdown!" on national TV wasn't that odd.

    1. You still know all the words to "Angels Brought Me Here".

    Sony BMG

    2. And you have definitely joked along the way that Shannon Noll was ripped off.

    3. You still remember all the Kath & Kim quotes.


    4. As well as all the iconic Ja'mie and Mr G one-liners.


    5. Your idea of a night-time talk show was Rove Live.

    Network 10 / Via

    6. Channel V was your go-to music channel.

    Channel V

    7. And two-for-one CD deals at Sanity were how you got by before digital streaming. / Creative Commons

    8. Or, you know, Limewire.

    Limewire / Via

    9. You survived the most iconic Summer Bay stalker.

    Channel 7

    10. And you still remember Margot Robbie as that girl on Neighbours.

    Network 10

    11. You definitely owned (or still own) at least one of these albums. / Creative Commons

    12. This is how you took your selfies before phones with decent cameras on them.

    13. Someone yelling "Touchdown" on national TV just made sense.

    Network 10

    14. And you only knew Osher Günsberg as "Andrew G".

    Network 10

    15. These two stores were definitely a fashion staple.


    16. The biggest TV scandals revolved around "Turkey Slapping" and "Free Th Refugees".

    Network 10

    17. And you'd try and stay up to watch Big Brother Uncut without your parents noticing.

    Network 10

    18. While the Lynx spray was obviously where it was at for boys...

    19. ...Britney Spears' perfume, Impulse, and Body Shop lip glosses had the girls covered.

    20. You got all your advice and quiz results from magazines like Dolly or Girlfriend.


    21. And if you needed an emo/rock fix, Blunt was where it was at.

    Next Media / Via Facebook: BluntMag

    22. You remember when the Taste of Chaos tour came down under.

    23. And you'll never ever forget Big Day Out and how iconic it was back in the day.

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