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People Everywhere Are Officially Losing Their Minds Over Ruby Rose

The OITNB star is causing quite the stir.

Ruby Rose, former model, MTV host, and sometimes-DJ, is causing a huge stir internationally after her casting in the latest season of Orange Is the New Black.

1. There are the people who have just discovered Ruby for the first time.

2. And many are feeling sexually confused.





7. It's official: Everyone is fangirling.

8. Some are wondering how Ruby must feel, given all the attention...

9. ...while others came to a life epiphany...

10. ...and some just want to really hang out.

11. New favourite characters have been born.

12. While others have a point to prove.

13. Though some just like to keep it simple.

14. And many daydreams are happening.


16. People are trying to use other pop culture references to show the strength of their feelings.

17. While some aren't even dealing at all.

18. Like, AT ALL.

19. In the end it's all in the stars:

20. There are just a lot of feelings.

21. And, well, let's just end this here.

Keep taking the world by storm, Ruby!