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    If Disney Movies Were Based In Australia

    A whole new 'strayaaaa.

    1. Frozen

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Disney / Via Demid Borodin / Getty Images

    Australian title: Scorcher

    Elsa and Anna are two orphaned sisters - except Elsa harbours the secret of having strong, weather-altering powers. After an argument gone wrong, Elsa accidentally exposes her powers and flees their home, inadvertently releasing a summer drought on the entire country. Anna sets out in search of her sister to try and end the endless summer heat.

    2. Beauty and the Beast

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Disney

    Australian title: Beauty and the Tassie Devil

    A young mining heir has a curse placed on him by an enchantress, who transforms him into a huge Tasmanian devil. The only way for him to transform back into a human is to fall in love with someone and have them return the feelings.

    Years later, an older man Mozza escapes from a pack of stray rottweilers and tries to seek refuge in the mansion owned by the young heir turned Tassie devil. Upon becoming trapped in there, his daughter Belle comes to rescue him and offers to take her father's place. Can Belle turn the Tassie devil back into the man he once was?

    3. Aladdin

    Anna Mendoza for Buzzfeed / Via Disney

    Australian title: Old Mate Aladdin

    Aladdin is a young boy from a poor farming community, who lives day by day with his pet wombat Abu. On his travels, he finds himself in a prestigious Canberra neighbourhood and is quite taken with the Prime Minister's daughter Jazzy, and her pet crocodile. Stumbling across a magic akubra hat, Aladdin is granted three wishes, but will the PM ever accept him?

    4. Cinderella

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Via Disney

    Australian title: That Sheila Cindy

    Growing up with with her stepfamily, Cindy's life has never been easy. While her step-mum is too busy starring on The Real Housewives of Melbourne to care about her, Cindy gets by working as a maid. One day, her fairy godmother Dame Edna Everage appears, and Cindy is granted a wish to go to a prestigious media event, where she meets a young media mogul. She must however be home by midnight, before her Uber X turns into a giant pavlova.

    5. The Lion King

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Disney

    Australian title: The Dingo King

    Simba is a young Dingo who runs away from his family after his father's tragic death. Chased away by evil emus, Simba eventually finds refuge with Timon, a possum and Pumba, a wombat. Eventually Simba returns to his homeland, for one last battle with his uncle Scar, the evil head dingo.

    6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Via Disney

    Australian title: Snow White and the Seven Wallabies

    Snow White escaped from her evil, murderous stepmother and has found refuge in a small farmhouse in a quiet, rural area. After cleaning the house, she's surprised to find seven wallabies living there. They soon become the best of friends, however the evil stepmother eventually tracks down Snow White. Disguising herself, she tricks Snow White into biting into a big, juicy mango which puts her in a deathlike slumber. However a hot farmer who has previously fallen for Snow White, finds out and gives her a good old pash and she wakes up. The ride off in his Toyota ute and live happily ever after.

    7. Sleeping Beauty

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Disney

    Australian title: Sleeping Beaut

    The evil sorceress Maleficent places a curse on baby Aurora - on the day of her 16th birthday, she'll prick her finger on an echidna and die. The three magical dragonflies that help Aurora alter the curse, so that Aurora will be awoken by her true love's kiss. On the day of her 16th birthday, Aurora stumbles across the cute echidna, and upon going to touch it, pricks her finger and falls into a slumber. It's up to the British royal family and their prince to help her.

    8. Tangled

    Anna Mendoza for BuzzFeed / Disney / Via Saintho / Getty Images

    Australian title: Bunged Up

    Rapunzel is kidnapped by Mother Gothel and kept locked in the attic of an abandoned farmhouse in rural NSW. Rapunzel's hair has the healing properties Gothel needs to stay eternally youthful. One day, while Gothel is gone, Rapunzel escapes the tower and sets off on an adventure with Dazza, a cattle farmer. Rapunzel discovers she was kidnapped as a child and later confronts Gothel. In an ultimate showdown under the burning sunset, Gothel injures Dazza and before Rapunzel has the chance to heal him, Dazza cuts off her hair. However her tears bring him back to life and the two live happily ever after on his cattle farm in Cowra.

    9. The Little Mermaid

    Anna Mendoza for Buzzfeed / Disney / Via Jordieasy / Getty Images

    Australian title: The Ranga Mermaid

    Residing in the Great Barrier Reef, Ariel is tired of underwater life and wants to discover what it's like to be a human. When she falls for scuba diving instructor Eric, Ariel decides to go visit the magical Australian sea lion Ursula, in a bid to become human. Ursula gives Ariel legs for three days, in exchange for her angelic singing voice - if Ariel doesn't pash Eric within three days, she'll transform back into a mermaid and belong to Ursula.

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