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19 Times Hamish And Andy Were Bloody Hilarious This Year

Australia's favourite dags.

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2. When they prank-called someone, asking for a job reference...

Facebook: video.php

6. When Andy decided to grow a white "bus driver" moustache.

Tracking the growth and revealing of Andy's white bus driver's moustache to Hamish, in 15 seconds...


9. When Andy uploaded this photo of his nephew looking exactly like a mini Shannon Noll.

When your nephew leaves just enough food on his face to pull off the perfect Shannon Noll impression. #WhatAboutMe

11. And when Hamish's son really taught him a new perspective.

Lesson in perspective. Me: "man, can't they see the no junk mail sign?" 2 YO son: "mailman brought us picture of pizza...that's AMAZING!"

12. When Andy made this accurate observation.

It's unfair to judge those you haven't met but you're a giant pussy if your windscreen wipers are going faster than the rain level requires.


13. When Andy couldn't resist poking fun at Hamish's rat tail.

Kit Harrington's shaved his beard losing 4pts on the hotness scale. Ham had the same drop when he cut his rats tail.

14. And this questionable haircut.

Just remember @hamishblake that I remained friends with you through this questionable hair time. #TrueFriendship

15. When Hamish learned the true meaning of being a dad.

I've realised 93% of dadhood is doing something for the first time and simultaneously explaining in a loud voice "this is how we do THIS".


17. And when he made everyone realise it was actually Andy in that iconic Titanic scene.

Majestic art by Hamish, of Andy, as one of Jack's French girls from the Titanic. Non-pixelated version in the Louvre

19. And when Hamish decided to get a 10 hour massage, and Andy decided to help out by feeding him a cheeseburger.

4hrs in to Ham's 10hr massage and he needed a cheeseburger. Don't know how it's come to this...

Honestly, true love.

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