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    Here's Everything You Missed In Episode 12 Of "The Bachelor" Australia

    Hamish Blake played a toddler. Yes, really.

    Did you miss Episode 12 of The Bachelor Australia, or maybe even fall asleep a little during it? We've got ya. Here's what happened in 90 seconds or less.

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    Start your watches!

    The Solo Date:

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    Richie picked Gotta Have Faith for the solo date, but it wasn’t so solo when Hamish Blake decided to crash it.

    Hamish thought the best way to test the relationship of Richie and Faith, was by giving them experience with a toddler. (interesting method Hamish, is that how you locked Zoë down?). Unfortunately he didn't give them his kid Sonny, but Hamish decided to instead play a toddler called Rory.

    The only good thing about this date was that Rory, at the tender age of three, asked some pretty awkward questions, such as “What is daddy’s type? Is it blondes?” Richie tried to explain that his type isn’t about the physical attributes of a woman, which none of us even believed for a second, because there’s only one brunette left standing. Proving he'll kiss anything with hair and a face, Richie even gave Hamish, sorry Rory, a cheeky peck.

    Eventually Rory went to bed, Richie and Faith ordered Menulog (really), and of course, pashed. The one plot twist: Richie didn't give Faith a rose on this solo date, and all I can say is WE CAN'T LOSE FAITH. Literally though.

    The Solo Date TAKE TWO:

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    To keep everyone on their toes, the group date was cancelled for another solo date this episode. The last brunette standing, Rachael, was the lucky lady. She and Richie went off to “explore their senses”. They made a perfume, and Rachael described her scent as a "kinda HERE I AM" smell, which sounds absolutely terrifying.

    They then whipped out some massage oil, FOR THEIR FEET, with Rachael saying she "should've cleaned" her feet, which made me shudder in horror and nearly vomit up my burrito. Apparently this horrified Richie also, so he quickly opted for a hand massage instead. Rachael then described Richie as a "diamond" she's been searching for, which is so weird coz he's more like the rock that got stuck in my shoe that time, that wouldn't come loose.

    The Cocktail Party:

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    Rachael came back from her date, cackling like the evil queen from Snow White when she discovered the poison apple, however she also revealed she didn't get a rose (and presumedly doesn't have any poison apples either.)

    As A Mum Alex realised she hasn't brought up the fact she's a mum for at least two episodes, so she whipped out some photos of her son to show Richie. "This is exciting," he smiled, while his eyes screamed "FUUUUUUCK".

    The Rose Ceremony:

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    To absolutely no one's surprise, Intruder Steph was booted, leaving the originals to pretend to look sad at her departure.