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23 Problems Only Kids Of Immigrant Parents Will Understand

I got 99 problems but my parents are disappointed because I don't have 100.

1. Communication is hard.

2. Math is the same in every country...but your parents found a way to make it their own:

3. But "teaching" is NOT a two-way street:

4. Some things just can't be explained...

5. Nor translated...

6. Not married? God bless, because you are hopeless.

7. But, when a boy comes home to meet Dad, he be all like...

8. No matter what country you are from, your mom's first language is hyperbole.

9. Expectations are always too high:

10. But you found a way to be good at things other than math:

11. "You're too American."

12. This is the easiest way to dishonor your family:

13. When your parents left the home country, they didn't leave their resourcefulness behind:

The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

samir mezrahi@samir

The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

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14. By definition, Tupperware is any empty food container that's been washed and reused.

15. Your life is one big generalization.

16. Your Halloween costumes were always [INSERT ETHNICITY HERE] princess.

17. This happened when your friends came over to your house:

18. Your cousins are your best friends/enemies/siblings/people you aren't even related to but have no other name for:

19. Traveling abroad means smuggling contraband for your fam:

20. You were never grounded...

21. Your daily trips to Starbucks are a daily reminder of these problems:

22. But hey, it's OK...

23. You really wouldn't have it any other way.