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23 Problems Only Kids Of Immigrant Parents Will Understand

I got 99 problems but my parents are disappointed because I don't have 100.

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1. Communication is hard.


"Let's go the bitch!" You mean, beach, right?

2. Math is the same in every country...but your parents found a way to make it their own: / Via subtubitles

3. But "teaching" is NOT a two-way street:

fouseyTUBE / Via

4. Some things just can't be explained...

IFC Films

5. Nor translated...

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

6. Not married? God bless, because you are hopeless.

IFC Films

7. But, when a boy comes home to meet Dad, he be all like... / Via typicalalbanians

"That sucka is going dowwwnnnn."

8. No matter what country you are from, your mom's first language is hyperbole.

20th Century Fox Television / Via
20th Century Fox Television / Via

9. Expectations are always too high:

20th Century Fox Television / Via

"You got a 100% on your test. Why not 110%?!!"

10. But you found a way to be good at things other than math:

Paramount Pictures / Via

Certified BAMF, M.D., J.D., Ph.D.

11. "You're too American."

NBC Universal

You're always getting made fun of for not knowing how to speak your own language/for not speaking in the right accent.

12. This is the easiest way to dishonor your family:

13. When your parents left the home country, they didn't leave their resourcefulness behind:

The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

samir mezrahi@samir

The #1 sign you are at a Persian party: They wash the plastic plates to reuse them

09:25 PM - 31 Dec 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

14. By definition, Tupperware is any empty food container that's been washed and reused.


Yogurt in a yogurt container? Miracle.

15. Your life is one big generalization.

Paramount Pictures / Via

16. Your Halloween costumes were always [INSERT ETHNICITY HERE] princess.

Mexican princess, Egyptian princess, Japanese princess, etc...

17. This happened when your friends came over to your house:

MTV / Via

18. Your cousins are your best friends/enemies/siblings/people you aren't even related to but have no other name for:

19. Traveling abroad means smuggling contraband for your fam:

20. You were never grounded...


Because your ass wasn't leaving the house to begin with. Curfew had you locked up before the sun went down and your parents punished you with the shame you brought upon your family.

21. Your daily trips to Starbucks are a daily reminder of these problems:

22. But hey, it's OK...

23. You really wouldn't have it any other way.

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