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19 Reasons Socializing Is Not For You

The cheese wants to stand alone.

1. This is generally how you feel about people:

20th Century Fox / Via

2. This was you as a kid:

Appatow Productions / Via

3. This is you as an adult:

Columbia Pictures Television / Via

4. This is your crew:

5. This is your Halloween costume every year:

6. You don't go to parties but you do limbo to avoid canvassers on the street:

7. Alone time is important to you...especially in an elevator:

20th Century FOX / Via

8. You own this shirt:

9. You take this Smashing Pumpkins song literally:

10. You prefer the great indoors:

Carsey-Werner Productions / Via

11. "Fitzwilliam Darcy" might as well be your middle name:

Universal / Via

12. Your answer to this question is always "YES":

NBCUniversal / Via

13. Grumpy Cat is your spirit animal:

14. Canceling plans provides more relief than Preparation H:

Irwin Entertainment / Via

15. You are convinced you are NOT antisocial:

16. WTF is "YOLO"? This is your Drake motto:

OVO Sound / Via

17. You take stranger danger very seriously:

Disney/Pixar / Via

18. You and Ron Swanson are basically twinsies:

NBC / Via

19. Thou Doth Not Socialize:

20th Century Fox / Via