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The 28 Most Paris Hilton Things Paris Hilton Did In 2015

She won 2014 and now she's won 2015 too.

1. This is Paris Hilton: musician, DJ, and general icon.

2. Back in 2014, she typed out the words “You are the artist of your own life, make it beautiful” and overlayed them on a picture of her own face with a white background.

3. But it's not 2014 anymore. That's why, this year, she opened up that old PDF and changed the background to ~turquoise~.

4. 2015 Paris is similar to 2014 Paris (obviously because they are the same person lol). She still loves a blurry inspirational quote on a colourful background.

5. She still loves her own name.

6. And she still loves the word "bitch".

7. But 2015 Paris is more down to earth than 2014 Paris. Here she is having a nap.

8. Getting out of a car.

9. Going for a walk in the countryside.

10. And taking some time out to clean her shower, bitch.

11. But 2015 hasn't been ~all~ about the relaxation for Paris. She still has a day job.

12. She still has perfume bottles to shift.

13. And she's still releasing absolute bangers like "High Off My Love", which features the iconic lyric, "Let's get high off my love, high off my love, do you wanna get high off my love?"

14. But 2015 Paris has managed to strike a healthy work-life balance. Here she is catching up on her favourite books.

15. Here she is keeping fit.

16. Just swimming lengths.

17. Here she is listening to music.

18. Here she is getting ready to do a spot of horse riding.

19. And here she is waiting for her hair to dry.

20. 2015 Paris spent time with zebras, which she thinks are "such beautiful creatures".

21. She spent some time googling baby pictures of herself for Throwback Thursday, which is pretty much the glammest thing you can google.

22. And she spent some time stretching and looking up.

23. But really 2015 Paris mostly concentrated on honing her Photoshop skills. This is a compilation of Cosmopolitan covers that Paris has photoshopped into a 3-by-3 grid.

24. This is a picture of Paris that she has photoshopped so it looks like she is Ariel.

25. And this is a picture of Paris with one of her most iconic quotes overlayed onto the left of the picture.

26. Paris's Photoshop skills have really come on in 2015.

27. It just shows: If you keep practicing, you will get better.

28. And that's why Paris is the most inspirational celebrity out there.