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14 Things Celebrities Did This Week

Everyone's leaving TOWIE, 1D's Niall Horan has three girlfriends and Rita Ora is in a film.

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2. Lucy Meck told her TOWIE cast mates she was leaving by text.

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"We didn't even know when we were filming the Christmas special," Ferne told Heat. "I only found out a day later when I was on a shoot with Sam and Billie, and Lucy texted me saying that she'd left." Ouch.

3. But Sam and Jess are thinking about leaving too.

Sources close to Sam say she's considering it, while Jess Wright tweeted, "u have a greater story to live. It may seem like a big risk 2 follow ur dream, but isnt the greatest risk of all to miss ur life?". Very cryptic.


5. Katie and Peter are fighting about who gets the kids for Christmas.

"This year Katie wants a big celebration with her 'new family'," a friend told Heat. But it looks like Pete wants the same. "Pete loves the idea of having the kids with him and Emily at this special time," said another source. Gawwwd.


10. X Factor's Sam Bailey admitted she's had to borrow money for Christmas this year.

Because she's not been working. "We can't afford Christmas this year," she told Heat. "[My husband]'s had to borrow money or the kids wouldn't have had Christmas." Awh :-(.


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