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Homeland Security Visits KC Panties Boutique Over Royals Undies

DHS officials visited a Kansas City intimate apparel boutique Monday after the store created panties with a KC Royals-inspired design. Insert obligatory panty raid joke: here.

t0ph3r • 4 years ago

Keyboard Cat Weighs In On Eastwooding

In case you didn't know, Keyboard Cat is running for President. His latest campaign ad is a dig at Clint Eastwood's "The Empty Chair Is Obama" speech at the RNC. Journalistically, I think the ad's message, while important, is a bit too esoteric to connect with today's voters.

t0ph3r • 6 years ago

Mariah Carey Needs A "Moment"

Remember when someone made that supercut video of Mad Men's Don Draper saying "What?" 47 times? This is the Mariah Carey edition where she talks about her Home Shopping clothing line.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Cute GIF Of The Day: Tiny Wombat Running

Watch as he runs right into your heart.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Woman Tries To Ride Mobility Scooter Up Escalator

I wonder if she considered the possibility that she'd flip over with her scooter several times in a truly epic fail right in front of a security camera and confused onlookers? At least she walked away from it. Actually, I can't believe no one's tried this where I work. Yet.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

What To Do When Facebook Fires You As Their Yoga Teacher

First, blog about it, attracting media attention to the issues you face as a corporate yoga instructor. Second, give a picture of your roommate's cat eating your termination papers to the San Francisco Chronicle when they do a story on you. Third, celebrate your Internet win.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

The Most Nonsensical Fake Sarah Palin Tweet You'll Read Today

I'm glad that librarians are free and no longer suffering from gluten allergies, too, Sarah, but I don't think Gaddafi had anything to do with it. Ok, so this is a parody account, but still, I could totally see her saying this.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Overly Attached Girlfriend Does "Call Me Maybe"

When memes collide. The Overly Attached Girlfriend girl does a fanvideo of Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" song, complete with her own lyrics that achieve a new level of crazy on the stalker girlfriend scale.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Three Grandmas Read "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The three grandmas who watched Kim Kardashian's sex tape are back. This time they take on the kinky content in the erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey." Spoiler: the grandmas were not fans of the books BDSM "contracts."

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Nine-Year-Old's Cafeteria Food Blog Goes Viral

A Scottish 9 year old named Martha has just had a ban on her school cafeteria food blog "Never Seconds" lifted, after a Twitter firestorm. She was banned for taking pictures of her lunch -- after her blog drew attention to how much overpriced school cafeteria food can suck.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Bath Time With Kitty

This was a terrible idea.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Venus Transits That Look Like Cindy Crawford

The sun had its own beauty mark today named Venus. Don't know if Cindy ever gave hers a name.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Russia In 15 Seconds

There aren't any bears or babushka's clutching AK-47s, but this short video panning across a Russian street still packs a few inexplicable moments of WTF.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Trololo Man Is In Coma After Stroke

Eduard Khil, known to the Internet world as the Trololo Man, is in critical condition after suffering a stroke which caused "irreversible brain damage" according to Russian news site The 77 year old is in a coma and even with surgery the outcome looks uncertain. (via twitter user @TwisterNed)

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Monkeys + Synthesizers

Six species of monkeys were given six kinds of synthesizers to see if one of them could be the next electro-pop superstar. Created as a promo video for the Volt Swedish Electronic Music Festival by Håkan Lidbo, the experiment proves that monkeys and synths go together almost as well as ketchup and chocolate. All the same, that baboon that eats the Casio might still have a shot at fame. [ed. note: Sloths aren't monkeys, but everything else about this is cool]

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

These Dogs Play The Piano Better Than You

These dogs play the "Flea Waltz" on their piano by listening to their trainer's whistle and matching the pitches on the keyboard. They're definitely doing better than some of the nine year olds I've taught piano.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Wombats That Look Like Francois Hollande

Wombats are an Australian Marsupial. Francois Hollande is the newly-elected President of France. He has great faces—just like these wombats.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Delusional Lady Speaks Against LGBT Rights At City Council Meeting

An older lady presents some pretty outlandish "facts" about gays and lesbians in this Lincoln, Nebraska city council meeting considering an LGBT protection ordinance. The younger guy behind her has some great faces, but I really lost it when the older lady on the right looses her composure.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

11 Thrilled Cats Wearing Sombreros

Happy Caturday de Mayo, everyone!

t0ph3r • 7 years ago

Inspiring Young Singer Overcomes Big Hardships

This inspiring performance by a talented orphan on the show "Korea's Got Talent" may leave you with a little something in your eye.

t0ph3r • 7 years ago