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6 Castles That Cost Less Than An Apartment In NYC

Sadly, all of these are real.

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1. PRICE: $1,621,200


This 13,993-square-foot, 6-bedroom castle sits on 24 acres of land overlooking the countryside of Midi Pyrenees. Features include a large entrance hall opening to the courtyard, salon with a fireplace, grand staircase, elevator, large dining room with fireplace, two kitchens, a bedroom wing with a hall onto the courtyard, study rooms in the towers, two garages, and access to the chapel and east wing.

2. PRICE: $2,325,956


Chateau Blavou is a 10-bedroom, 8-bathroom castle set in a peaceful 27-acre section in Normandy. This property comes complete with a vaulted cellar, a dining room that seats 60+ guests, a cellar/bar area with access to the garden, a wine cellar, food preparation room, two greenhouses, a caretaker’s house, a guest house, and a function room that seats 210 people.


3. PRICE: $2,609,939

This late 19th-century 7-bedroom, 7-bathroom, 8,611-square-foot castle can be found in Vienne on 66 acres of jaw-dropping countryside. Good news, horse lovers: This property comes with a newly roofed farmhouse, two barns, stables, and an enclosed courtyard.

4. PRICE: $3,782,800


This 12-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 12,916-square-foot castle is like a fairy tale come true. With over 42 acres of land, a guesthouse, and a beautiful view of Touraine, France, you'll have no issues entertaining friends.

**Knight in shining armor not included.**


5. PRICE: $5,066,250

Château Mirwart is a 45-bedroom, 45-bathroom palace in historic Belgian Arden. It was built on a rock rising above the "Vallée de la l'Homme," and the oldest sections of the building date back to the seventh century. Château Mirwart? More like... Château ME WANT.

6. PRICE: $5,674,200

Resting on the lake in Dordogne, France, this lavish Napoléon III-styled chateau boasts a spacious 24-bedroom, 22,066-square-foot living space on 79 acres of land.

You read that number correctly: 22,066 square feet.

PRICE: $7,890,000


This 6/7-bedroom duplex has a finished basement and proudly features 3.5 baths, a balcony, and a "backyard."

It's over $2 MILLION more than the previous castle and it's located in Bed-Stuy because the real estate in this city is a joke.

CORRECTION: New York house No. 3 has been replaced with an accurately priced home. The original post used an incorrect source. (9/25/13)