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What To Do When Facebook Fires You As Their Yoga Teacher

First, blog about it, attracting media attention to the issues you face as a corporate yoga instructor. Second, give a picture of your roommate's cat eating your termination papers to the San Francisco Chronicle when they do a story on you. Third, celebrate your Internet win.

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The backstory:

Yoga instructor Alice Van Ness found herself fired last month because of her longstanding policy barring cellphones during yoga class. She had been hired through her fitness company to teach a weekly class at Facebook's Menlo Park campus in March. After she gave a disapproving look to one Facebook employee who continued to use their phone during the middle of a class—in the front of the room, no less—she was fired by her fitness company. She was told it was because she wasn't authorized to say "no" to any of her corporate yoga students.

Several big media outlets have already picked up the story, including Mashable and the Chronicle, but my favorite take is the comic Internet justice of having your cat eat your termination papers after getting fired by an Internet giant and posting it on the web.

My two cents:

I've read several comments trying to argue that she should've allowed the students to use their phones as needed and not try to force her ways on them. As someone who has taught kids and adults though, an instructor has to have control of their teaching environment. Otherwise, why are you going to care what they have to say? Additionally, she was there to teach people who don't know how to relax and meditate on their own how to do that in a classroom setting. If the Facebook students were already seasoned yogis, would they really need her class? *Gets down from soapbox*

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