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  • <9>Mar 31 Sum Up

    This week I am starting to be so busy with final week approaching. This week is all about technology. Does it change our life or a part of our life?

  • <8>Mar 24 Sum Up

    Top news for the day and the past 17 days: MH370 is declared to be found and nobody stands a chance to live. O.M.G.

  • <5>Mar 3 Sum Up

    Have fun while you still can. Eat the goodies you desire. Skip gym if you are feeling lazy. Love a British man.

  • <4>Feb 23 Sum Up

    This week it’s all about chill out man. Be a trendy person, do things that you haven’t done before, post funny reviews, read silly posts, and chill.

  • <2>Feb 9 Sum Up

    Here is the second sum up.(Although I wrote this at the same day as the first one.) Major highlights for this week: superbowl marks the first day of this week. It was last Sunday. Then Sochi Olympics marks the end of this week’s focus. Let’s see what I read during this week.

  • <1>Feb 2 Sum Up

    Here is the first weekend sum up for my buzzfeed reading, as promised. There are: 1. News: political (State of the Union, lane closures event), tech (Bitcoin, Net Neutrality), celebrity ( stars at the Grammys). 2. Funny stories and pics. 3. Travel tips. (why you should go to Chile) 4. Columns. (Alicia Florrick in the Good Wife)

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