26 Signs You Were A Business Major

“Microsoft Excel is a ton of fun,” said no one ever.

1. You got sick of engineering and pre-med majors saying that you chose the easy route.

2. Humanities majors were always implying that you were greedy and/or materialistic.

It’s not all about getting a table at Dorsia.

3. Having professors constantly talk about….

Annoyed you to no end.

4. You found incredibly ingenious ways to cheat on exams.

Now that’s talent.

6. Your salary expectations for your first job right out of college may have been a little….high.

7. The hard copy of this book cost more than some of your classes.

8. Group presentations filled you with dread.

You always busted your ass but of course there was always one person in the group who did absolutely nothing and still got the same grade.

9. At least one notoriously evil professor that you could not avoid taught at your college.

And it was usually a gateway course like accounting or finance.

10. You’ve had a professor that still used archaic methods for presenting notes.

11. Attending the college of business career fair was the highlight of your semester.

12. It was easier to get front row Bieber tickets than it was to get an appointment with your advisor.

And you always left their office either feeling dumb or behind schedule. Usually both.

13. Your greatest fear was that your post grad life would be just like the movie Office Space.

Well, actually your greatest fear was not finding a job, but the Office Space fear was a close second.

14. By the time you were a senior, Excel was like a second language.

Oh, the fun you’ll have!

15. But you still waited until the night before a term paper was due before actually writing it.

16. Adderall was your friend, and when it finally kicked in those finance problems became a breeze.

17. You considered changing majors every time a new “highest paying careers” report came out.

Starting engineers make how much???

18. After taking all those classes with numbers, percentages, decimals, formulas and dollar signs, you still suck at math.

19. You learned everything about debits and credits, but doing your taxes is still intimidating.

20. You joined way too many campus clubs because they were “resume builders.”

21. A handful of your professors had really thick indecipherable accents.

Which made them impossible to understand.

22. You often had to wear suits to school and it made you feel ridiculous.

While everyone else was in pajama pants you had to be dressed for presentations, interviews, and career days.

23. Coffee was the lifeblood that fueled all those terrible all nighters.

24. You questioned the usefulness of every statistics class.

Variance, summation, standard deviation? When am I ever going to use this?

25. The summer of your junior and senior years were spent interning.

They were usually unpaid.

26. But it was all worth it because you knew that once you graduated you were prepared for anything!

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