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28 Problems Only Ridiculously Good-Looking People Have

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

1. You never know what clothes to buy because everything fits PERFECTLY.

2. You're tired of people telling you that you should be a model.

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3. You wonder if you get special treatment because of your looks.

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4. It's difficult walking down the street because people always mistake you for a celebrity.

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5. You never know how to respond to people when they compliment you on how good you look.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

6. You feel the need to always look perfect, even in everyday situations.


7. What are you supposed to say to all the people who ask you out on dates?

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8. Everyone hitting on you gets annoying after a while.


9. You feel the need to prove you are more than just a pretty face.

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10. Some days, you're not going to feel your maximum hottest.


11. You physically cannot consume all the drinks people buy you when you go out to the bar.

12. You always have trouble picking out an outfit because you look good in everything.

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13. You have trouble choosing an Instagram filter because you look good in all of them.

14. Mirrors are kind of pointless because you already KNOW you look perfect.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

15. But sometimes you catch a glimpse of yourself and are totally caught off-guard.

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16. Posing for pictures can be super tricky because you don't have any bad angles.

17. You don't really know how to put on makeup because you don't need it.

18. You always have a million notifications on Facebook because people are liking your pictures.

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19. Occasionally you have to take ugly selfies to show people you aren't self-centered.

20. You have to remind yourself to put the camera down, even if every moment of your day is a photo opportunity.

21. People are always trying to copy your look.

22. Photoshop actually makes you look worse.

23. You're genuinely upset you can't make out with yourself.

The New York Times

24. You barely have enough energy to attend all of the parties you are invited to.

25. Random people stop and ask to take pictures of you in the street.

The CW

26. Everyone wants to make little babies with you.

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27. You just don't know what to say to people when they ask you for beauty tips.

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28. Finally, regular-looking people just don't understand how difficult it is being good-looking.


Remember: Life is your runway. Own it!

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