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    • sydt

      In March I got sick, so sick I nearly died. I’d had a routine surgery & ended up septic. The person who was supposed to be staying with me to make sure I was okay, left me while I was delusional with a fever instead of calling the doctor. Eventually, I realized I was really sick & I managed to call 911 and was rushed in for emergency surgery. I don’t have any family, I’m a grad student and had only moved to the state 7 months prior, but my program came through for me. People were there visiting every day, even while I was in a coma, and after when I was crazy with hallucinations or crying or angry at the world. They made sure I didn’t lose my funding or stipend. They brought me pajamas so I wasn’t stuck in a butt-bearing hospital gown. They made me spicy food when I was able to eat, but the drugs had killed my taste buds& strong flavors were the only ones I could taste. My PI brought me comic books, encouraged my ideas for experiments I wanted to do when I got back to work and watched Netflix with me. Faculty members took in my dog while I was in the hospital, then took me in, too, for the first few weeks I was out & not yet able to care for myself. Classmates visited, encouraged my recovery, brought me things from my apartment & kept my friends back home in the loop about how I was doing.  It was the worst time in my life, but I couldn’t have survived it without these amazing people.

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