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18 Pictures That Show Just How Chaotic The Gas Shortage In The United States Has Been

Reminds me of the good old days of toilet paper hoarding.

So, if you haven't been keeping up on the latest gasoline news, here's the scoop: a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel source that supplies half the gas and diesel for the eastern United States, temporarily shut down the pipeline and resulted in a dip in gasoline supply in the affected areas.

So what do Americans do when faced with a shortage that could be over by the end of the week?

1. Well, they hoard gas:

Why do they need so much gas and where did they find those size gas cans? I know it's a shortage but is this really necessary.

Twitter: @MsSouthernB4U

2. Put it in like seven barrels:

Do not be this person. #gasshortage

Twitter: @ZR_dude

3. They put it in big metal barrels in the back of a pick-up truck:

4. Fill up garbage cans full of it:

5. They fill up jacuzzi-sized containers with gas:

6. Big plastic bins:

7. Or towing giant barrels of gas behind their truck:

8. People are hoarding so much gas they can't fit it in their tiny car:

9. Methodically make the shortage even shorter:

10. Filling up every gas canister they have in their garage:

11. Like every single canister:

12. There have been lines at one in the morning:

There’s a line 4 Gas at 1 in the morning with only 1 pump working @QuikTrip. #gasshortage2021

Twitter: @KRB4

13. Pumps have been closed:

#GasShortage2021 GA out of gas. People out here crazy like we in the first 20 minutes of a disaster movie.

Twitter: @freddy_gsanford

14. People are drilling holes in U-Hauls!!!!!!

A man who wanted to steal gas drilled holes in the tanks of parked U-Haul trucks in Georgia — spilling up to 45 gallons of gas before fleeing the scene https://t.co/HGXWyK7vHI

Twitter: @washingtonpost

15. And demand has caused prices to skyrocket:

I know you fucking lying $9.98 a gallon😂😂 #gasshortage

Twitter: @JackicseB

16. I can't really figure out why:

17. Can't be because people are filling big giant tubs full of gas, can it?

18. It's been truly chaotic:

I hate it here. Signed, a person who actually needs gas and is on E.

Twitter: @katicrosslin


A few images were removed from this post because they weren't from the current gas shortage. That being said, it's still a really bad idea to put gas in plastic bags.