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    16 Twitter Reactions To Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy That Range From Adorable To Hilarious To "We Been Knew"

    Someone check on the TikTok fan theorist girl.

    So, as I'm sure you've already heard, Kylie Jenner has officially confirmed her second pregnancy with Travis Scott!!!

    Kylie and Travis holding onto Stormi at an event
    Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for Netflix

    That's right, ✨Storm Storm✨ is set to be a big sister!!!

    After a lot of infamous TikTok fan theories, Kylie finally announced the news in a very cute home video shared to her Instagram!

    Travis holding his head to Kylie's stomach as they read the pregnancy test
    Instagram / @kyliejenner

    The video includes some ***EXTREMELY*** precious footage, like the moment Travis found out Kylie was pregnant, the moment Big Mommy Kris™ did, and just plenty of heartwarming Stormi clips.

    Stormi holding on to her mom's pregnant belly
    Instagram / @kyliejenner

    So, to celebrate the news, I've rounded up some of the very best Twitter reax!!! Pls enjoy:

    E! /


    To the tik tok girl who realized and analyzed that Kylie Jenner was pregnant by just looking at her nail ,kudos to you #KylieJenner

    Twitter: @laumoon_lala


    “Kylie Jenner confirms pregnancy” That one girl on TikTok who checked her nails everyday for like 2 months:

    Twitter: @Cloud9ineDreams


    me pretending to be shocked that Kylie Jenner is pregnant even though a bunch of TikTok videos already confirmed it

    Twitter: @blkslut


    Me after Kylie Jenner confirms she’s really pregnant but we already knew:

    Twitter: @BLM_004


    This photo of Travis finding out Kylie’s pregnant is everything 🥺🤍 #KylieJenner

    Twitter: @DanielleKimW


    Kylie is using the same melody from when she was making Stormi’s “To Our Daughter” video…

    Twitter: @iblamecurt


    how did it start // how is it now 😭😭❤️❤️ @KylieJenner

    Twitter: @dbykardash


    me acting shocked that Kylie Jenner is pregnant even though I watched 47 tik tok conspiracies about it and researched it numerous times

    Twitter: @georgiahaverty7


    mommy can’t talk rn she’s crying over kylie jenner’s pregnancy #KylieJenner

    Twitter: @sshaynasmithh


    “Kylie Jenner confirms pregnancy” That one girl who checked her nails everyday for like 2 months:

    Twitter: @kourtneykdiva


    Kylie announced the pregnancy just in time for the new Hulu show, ain’t nobody on Kris Jenner’s level man

    Twitter: @MFariasBritto


    kylie jenner is pregnant. after a stormi comes a calm.

    Twitter: @sehrkaputt


    Petition for Kylie Jenner to name her new baby Global Warmi

    Twitter: @arianatorswildt


    Kylie Jenner is going to have Stormi and Cloudi

    Twitter: @carelessangel_


    Pretending to be shocked at the Instagram post even though we all knew Kylie Jenner was pregnant months ago #KylieJenner

    Twitter: @Holliaietan

    16. And lastly, this timely tweet given John Mulaney and Olivia Munn's recent announcement 👀 👀 👀:

    Now I'm not saying that John Mulaney is linked to Kylie Jenners pregnancy but I'm also not NOT saying that...

    Twitter: @what_the_earth

    All jokes aside, congratulations to the lovely couple and soon-to-be big sister Stormi!!! We all wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!! 💕✨

    E! /

    Oh, and of course, here's the adorable pregnancy announcement vid if you haven't seen it already!!!

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