90 Graduation Cap Ideas That Earned Summa Cum Laude

    For when you really just don't know what to do...great inspo below!

    So we heard you’re graduating — congrats! Now for your last homework assignment: trying to figure out the cutest, most creative way to *cap* off your senior year. Coming up with clever graduation cap ideas can be difficult. Do you want a pun? Or song lyrics? A cultural reference? Or maybe just glitter? The options are endless.

    So to make your life easier, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us how they decorated their graduation caps. While they all deserve an A+, here are some of our absolute favs:

    1. This grad cap full of mems:

    2. This totally classic one:

    3. These matching grad caps that could double as wall decor:

    4. For the Rick and Morty fans, of course:

    5. This one speaks for itself:

    6. This one is definitely straightforward about it:

    7. For the musical theater folks:

    8. One for everyone who grew up on Spongebob:

    Graduation cap painted with the words "Thousands of Tears Later" and the Spongebob pattern

    9. Who wouldn't want Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia to see them through graduation:

    Graduation cap with golden girls and the words "My future is golden"

    10. IYKYK:

    Graduation cap with the words "Oh yeah! Look at me and my grad self!" and a picture of Emperor Kuzco as a llama

    11. We love a cap that connects to the degree:

    12. Apt in this job market:

    When your cap represents how you feel at the moment 😂 #ECU16

    Twitter: @its__nicole

    13. This clever sceintist:

    14. We all grew up on this game, didn't we:

    15. Sponsored by:

    16. Pretty sure we were all exhausted by the end:

    17. Ariana stans, rise:

    18. Forever topical student loan debt conversation:

    19. And you know what? She's right:

    20. Nike sponsorship be like:

    21. Oldies-inspired grad cap:

    Twitter: @infinitelylinda

    22. Again, we all grew up on these books:

    @BuzzFeeders #HarryPotter for the win!

    Twitter: @emily_salerno

    23. Honesty is the best policy:

    24. This lovely quote:

    25. A total classin, the Bridesmaids cap:

    This is the best graduation cap I've ever seen SLM 😂😂😂 #bridesmaids

    Twitter: @frankluis1999

    26. They want to make sure everyone gets it right:

    Twitter: @AFaigenbaum

    27. Another Spongebob one:

    Best graduation cap of 2017 IMO #graduation2017 #spongemock #spongebobmeme

    Twitter: @ithotusaidweest

    28. Carbs got us all through college:

    This will probably be my graduation cap #dietitian

    Twitter: @_byealisha_

    29. Again, student loans:

    They don't want me to add my @rapchatapp name to my grad cap So guess what? I added my @rapchatapp name to my grad cap #classof2017 juheardd

    Twitter: @rapfinesse

    30. A variation on this cap that I love:

    Twitter: @exumbrant

    31. This tribute:

    32. Yeah, same:

    33. This one with a terrifying number:

    34. This bling-y cap:

    35. This one speaks the truth:

    36. Now this song is going to be stuck in my head:

    37. Nice flowers and and even nicer quote:

    38. A good rhyming cap:

    Twitter: @PaigeCristina

    39. Yeah, they're not mincing words here:

    Twitter: @evamwayne

    40. Peace out:

    41. This sweet cap:

    42. If you don't know this quote, you probably live under a rock:

    @BuzzFeeders Because who doesn't love a good #MeanGirls reference? #Buzzfeed #graduationcaps

    Twitter: @Miranda_TM

    43. This kitty parent cap:

    44. This one is so ornate:

    Twitter: @StephanieKent2

    45. This awesome political statement:

    46. Another Harry Potter interpretation:

    @BuzzFeeders Harry Potter themed graduation cap! :D (sadly not mine! Credits to http://t.co/AORqDlVdNW)

    Twitter: @goodguygenc

    47. Showing that life goes on after college:

    48. A glittery look:

    49. This thoughtful sentiment:

    50. This classy grad cap:

    51. Dancers, unite:

    52. This ~unique~ cap spared no rhinestone:

    53. This adorable cap with a dog:

    Twitter: @tyleranalyse

    54. A very classic look:

    55. A cap for the Selena fans:

    56. For those who are stressed about the passage of time:

    57. One for the double degree holder:

    58. A grad cap for the dreamers:

    Twitter: @_kinsington

    59. Again, college graduate are tired:

    60. Another clever Harry Potter reference:

    61. A grad cap that's getting this song stuck in my head:

    62. A grad cap for a real problem solver:

    63. For the music majors:

    64. And one for the princesses:

    65. Another take on this classic cap:

    66. For all the future nurses and doctors out there:

    67. A clever play on words:

    68. One of the lesser known Harry Potter quotes, but still hilarious:

    69. An incredibly details cap for the Pixar lovers:

    .@BuzzFeeders not to toot my own horn, but...

    Twitter: @meagswalsh

    70. Ah, yes, another Spongebob hit:

    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed I painted this for my boyfriend

    Twitter: @_abbyevans


    Twitter: @basedbrianna






    Twitter: @itstheHBIC





    Twitter: @xoxosmarli


    @BuzzFeeders this is the absolute truth.

    Twitter: @JeanneMarizzle


    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed mine bc who doesn't love drake

    Twitter: @katdonado


    @BuzzFeeders @BuzzFeed from @rebecklyn!

    Twitter: @clarelucille




    Twitter: @Swainsch

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