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21 Fictional Men Who Are Actually Problematic AF

"Luke Danes is a homophobic baby man who can’t handle the concept of buying some shitty curtains."

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Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which fictional characters they find to be problematic. Here's who they named...

Warning: This post may contain triggering or distressing content.

1. Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother


"Ted's attitude with Stella is super creepy. He claims that he can turn a no into a yes just because she's pretty. Also, his entire story with Robin is so wrong. Specifically when he wants to change her mind on kids and marriage." —loohoo222

2. Edward Cullen from Twilight

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"When the Twilight movies came out, I was in eighth grade and saw Edward as romantic, smart, mature, and caring. Now that I'm older, I realize he's incredibly obsessive. Not only that, but his relationship with Bella is stalker-ish and creepy. Twilight made preteen me think it was normal for boys to sneak in your house and watch you sleep!" —mrsdoubtfire2

3. Harry Potter from Harry Potter

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"Harry constantly relies on the skills and talents of other people (i.e., Hermione Granger) while getting all the credit just because he's 'The Chosen One.' And GOD FORBID he has to follow the same rules that all the other students have to follow. Neville would have made a better Chosen One. Just saying." —cisobelm


4. Michael Scott from The Office


"Michael is constantly trying to grow close to people who reject him, but in turn, he rejects the ones that are there for him. Also, he does stupid things and gets upset when people react badly to them: He throws a fit at Phyllis's wedding, photoshops himself into Carol's family photo, and is a total jerk when Pam sets him up with her landlord! ALSO, he constantly complains about wanting a girlfriend, but won't date a woman if she isn't 'pretty enough.' Michael doesn't deserve Holly!!!" —sierrad4b106c5f8

5. Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls

The CW

"Luke Danes is a homophobic baby man who can’t handle the concept of buying some shitty curtains. He gets mad when no one in town wants to mourn the death of his sexual predator of an uncle, mostly because he really, really identifies with him. He slut-shames Lorelai because apparently she’s his property (even when they are just friends), gets pissy when she dates other men, all while being too emotionally constipated (probably from all that heterosexuality) to ask her on a date." —MizzPizzaRat

7. Ben Warren from Grey's Anatomy


"Dr. Warren is constantly getting the hospital in trouble, distracting Dr. Bailey, taking on procedures and emergencies that he isn’t ready for, and playing the victim when he finally gets in trouble for it!!!" —alenab22


9. Marty McFly from Back to the Future

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"Marty McFly thinks a great way to set up his parents is to get a guy to SEXUALLY ASSAULT THIS MOTHER so his dad can act like the hero and rescue her." —kayefayette

10. Tate Langdon from American Horror Story


"I've never liked Tate myself, but so many people are obsessed with him. Not only does he manipulate Violet so he won't be so lonely, but he also kills two men and rapes Violet’s mom. Oh yeah, and he shoots up a school." —idontlikekittens

11. Wes Gibbins from How to Get Away With Murder


"Annalise puts her life on the line for Wes EVERY DAMN TIME and he's always so ungrateful. He also cheats on his girlfriend and gets another girl pregnant!" —phanstiel


12. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

"Originally, Spike was one of my favorite characters and I rooted hard for him and Buffy to get together. But after rewatching, I now realize how gross and problematic he is: He tries to kill every one of Buffy’s friends and tries to rape her. Anyways, Joss Whedon, retire bitch!" —michaelak4725dc841

13. George O'Malley from Grey's Anatomy


"George O'Malley is a perfect example of 'nice guy' syndrome. He's ridiculously judgmental of all the women in his life. He holds all of his love interests to impossible 'damsel in distress' standards, and then gets upset when they don't piss themselves with gratitude for him." —lacyleathers92

14. Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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"Ferris Bueller is soooo entitled. He even bullies and manipulates his emotionally damaged friend into borrowing — and consequently destroying — his dad's $170,000 car. In addition to that ~minor~ incident, he commits several crimes, lies to his loving parents, and makes his girlfriend think she's lost a grandparent just to get her caught up in his schemes!" —zooter

15. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars


"Hmm, let's see...Mr. Fitz stalks a 16-year-old girl despite knowing her age, pretends he doesn't, hooks up with her, becomes her teacher, and stays in a relationship with her??? Right." —starrynight88


16. Bender from The Breakfast Club

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"Bender's supposed to be the rebel and the hero, but he spends about 75% of the movie repeatedly sexually harassing Claire, almost to the point of assault when he puts his face between her legs without her knowledge or consent. Of course they get together at the end, because nothing says genuine romance like forcing someone to admit they're a virgin against their will and then taunting them about it." —redheadgoddess123

17. Joey Gladstone from Full House


"The guy's a bum. Sure, he moves in to help out his best friend raise his girls, but all Joey ever does is take advantage of his friend's hospitality. Plus, he never holds down a job for long, doesn't pay rent, never listens to what anyone says, and spits on people all the time." —redheadgoddess123

18. Jim Halpert from The Office


"Jim's a selfish brat, especially once he marries Pam. He always gets what he wants, despite his minimal effort. He also doesn't help with the baby and always makes huge decisions without consulting Pam!" —lsanders2016

19. Ross Geller from Friends


"Not only is Ross whiny and irritating, but he also — amongst many other things — refuses to let Rachel be friends with a male colleague. It's so sexist and such a double standard." —thesquareclub


20. Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The WB

"Though he's considered to be the heart of the show, Xander does some truly horrendous things. He always acts like he has some claim over Buffy, he cheats on Cordy, and most importantly...HE LEAVES ANYA AT THE ALTAR! Saving the world with a yellow crayon won't make us forget, Xan." —jamiejirak1

21. ...And literally all the male characters from The Big Bang Theory


"Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, and Raj are all misogynists. They see women as trophies or challenges they have to conquer. Even Howard — who's supposed to be an obvious creep — is one of the protagonists, and we’re supposed to think that his predatory behavior is gross but forgivable. Like when Penny calls him out for his terrible behavior, we're supposed to feel BAD FOR HIM. Penny's then painted as a BULLY for speaking the truth, and is later pressured into apologizing to him. And of course Howard does NOT apologize for stalking her and making her uncomfortable." —lauracorinas

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