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    Here's Your Cheat Sheet To Dating Each Star Sign

    Your ~ultimate~ guide to astrological compatibility. ✨

    Have you secured your crush's birthdate-time-location? Are you eager to find out if the two of you are astrologically compatible?!

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    Then please refer to this ~handy almanac~ I've compiled of all the star signs and how to attract them/date them/and put a ring on it* (if that's what you're into)!!!


    * Please note that astrology is based on a lot more than just the sun sign, but the sun sign is a good place to start! :)

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    On a good day: Passionate, charming, enthusiastic, active, and loyal.

    On a not-so-good day: Stubborn, impulsive, bossy, jealous, and self-centered.

    Flirting: Aries love the chase, so be sure you don't make yourself too available. With that being said, they still need to know that you're interested in them and ONLY them β€” if they see you flirting with someone else, they'll quickly dismiss you and move on.

    Casually dating: Take an Aries on engaging, active dates! Maybe go to a park or some new and exciting bar, or take them to a trivia night and get competitive.

    In a relationship: Aries' worst fear is monotony β€” not to be confused with monogamy!!! β€” so make sure to always try new things and experiences with your Aries partner. Keep taking them out on dates and never stop showing them how into them you are!

    Most compatible with: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo.

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    On a good day: Patient, practical, reliable, romantic, and determined.

    On a not-so-good day: Overindulgent, stubborn, lazy, frugal, and possessive.

    Flirting: Be physical β€” but gently physical β€” with them because they absolutely crave touch! This will definitely clue them in that you're interested.

    Casually dating: Taureans like life's pleasures like fine dining, getting dressed up, or just staying in and having a carefully-prepared home-cooked meal. Whatever you choose to do with them, just make sure it's done with love and care.

    In a relationship: Once a Taurean has let their feelings show β€” which will probably take some time β€” their love is sincere and committed. Relationships full of good company and cozy nights will make them feel complete.

    Most compatible with: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

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    On a good day: Sociable, quick-witted, expressive, fun, and intellectual.

    On a not-so-good day: Anxious, inconsistent, superficial, two-faced, and deceitful.

    Flirting: Geminis love good conversation, so one tactic to getting their attention is by engaging them in a battle of wits. Show off your playful side, and then let them chase you a little.

    Casually dating: Take a Gemini out to a bar and debate with them β€” they'll love it. Or better yet, teach them something! Showing that you can keep up with their wit and intellect will be a major turn on.

    In a relationship: Geminis absolutely HATE routine, so whatever you do, try not to get bogged down in the relationship. They can also be distant about their emotions, so actively listen to them and openly discuss your feelings.

    Most compatible with: Aries, Libra, Leo, and Aquarius.

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    On a good day: Intuitive, sentimental, loyal, helpful, caring, and protective.

    On a not-so-good day: Moody, pessimistic, insecure, clingy, and overemotional.

    Flirting: Cancers respond most to sincerity, so try to engage with them on a deep, emotional level. If you're open and honest, any Cancer will definitely be drawn to you.

    Casually dating: Cancers would much prefer a night in than some extravagant wining and dining out on the town. It should also be said that Cancers can be a little flighty with their affection, so make sure to be clear with your intentions.

    In a relationship: Cancers tend to be very private lovers, so while they're extremely affectionate at home, don't expect them to be all over you in public. But once they're committed, they're the most faithful sign and never want to stray from a healthy and happy relationship.

    Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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    On a good day: Warm, driven, optimistic, big-hearted, and passionate.

    On a not-so-good day: Self-involved, domineering, arrogant, egotistical, and impatient.

    Flirting: When flirting with a Leo, subtlety is key. They're most intrigued when you flirt with their attention and leave them guessing β€” then it becomes a game for them.

    Casually dating: Leos like to be WOOED, so once you've caught their eye, don't shy away from romantic gestures and straightforward conversations. Compliment them, touch them, challenge them, and let them know that they're the one you want.

    In a relationship: Once you've settled into a relationship with a Leo, try and remain excited and attentive. Leos are also very sociable, fun-loving people, so you need to be secure in your relationship and trust them when they say they're loyal.

    Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini.

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    On a good day: Detail-oriented, analytical, hardworking, intelligent, and reliable.

    On a not-so-good day: Harsh, fastidious, judgmental, uptight, and fussy.

    Flirting: Just a little bit of eye contact is enough to catch a Virgo's attention. When approaching them, definitely mind your manners as appearances really matter to Virgos.

    Casually dating: Virgos aren't all that adventurous, meaning they're into what they're into and that isn't going to change. So TL;DR, make sure they're as excited about the date idea as you are and be sure to have it WELL-PLANNED!

    In a relationship: Even when in love, Virgos are never that mushy-gushy. That doesn't mean they won't show affection in other ways though, like wanting to create a life together that's happy and comfortable.

    Most compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

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    On a good day: Romantic, tactful, charming, balanced, and diplomatic.

    On a not-so-good day: Superficial, unreliable, indecisive, self-indulgent, and manipulative.

    Flirting: Talk about something light and fun to show them you're interested. They love to debate just as long as it's lighthearted and non-confrontational, so be sure to listen carefully to their side of the argument and acknowledge their points.

    Casually dating: When going out with a Libra, make sure to mind your manners. Politeness is HUGE for this air sign and they will NOT be seen with you in public ever again if you act like a bum!

    In a relationship: Libras are at their happiest when they're in committed partnerships, and because of this, they have a tendency to rush into things. If you're in a relationship with a Libra, you should also be aware of their flirty nature β€” they don't mean to flirt with others, but it's just part of who they are.

    Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

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    On a good day: Focused, observant, passionate, loyal, and protective.

    On a not-so-good day: Jealous, vengeful, secretive, obsessive, and possessive.

    Flirting: Scorpios love a good mystery, so be sure not to lay your cards out right away. Let them figure you out β€” it'll only build up an intense, magnetic attraction.

    Casually dating: Scorpios aren't ones for "casual flings" as they crave deep emotional and physical connection. When they meet someone they like, chances are they'll find a way to make them theirs.

    In a relationship: Once committed, keep your Scorpio interested by sharing secrets and feelings β€” but bonus points if you can still find some way to keep an air of mystery.

    Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorn.

    What to expect when dating a Sagittarius:

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    On a good day: Funny, bighearted, positive, philosophical, and adventurous.

    On a not-so-good day: Impatient, overconfident, careless, inconsistent, and tactless.

    Flirting: To flirt with a Sag, make them belly laugh. Be cheerful and playful, and if you tease them a little β€” in a flirty way, obviously!!! β€” they'll be intrigued.

    Casually dating: Being open and honest is important to a Sagittarius. They want to get to know you β€” the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have honest conversations with them about everything from philosophy to politics to religion and chances are they'll be drawn to you.

    In a relationship: A Sagittarius is usually pretty slow to commit to relationships, but once they do, they're devoted and attentive lovers. The real challenge is then holding the attention of the sign as they'll immediately lose interest if they find themselves taken for granted.

    Most compatible with: Aries, Libra, Leo, and Aquarius.

    What to expect when dating a Capricorn:

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    On a good day: Hardworking, practical, disciplined, ambitious, and patient.

    On a not-so-good day: Pessimistic, stubborn, moody, self-centered, and detached.

    Flirting: Capricorns are all for direct, no bullshit, "I'm interested, are you?" kind of flirting. Just let them know you're into them and they'll either pursue you or not.

    Casually dating: If you're casually dating a Capricorn, show them you're goal-oriented and a real self-starter. They want to be with people who are just as smart and driven as they are.

    In a relationship: Capricorns don't usually fall in love quickly β€” they prefer to feel comfortable first. They value trust and dependability, so when they decide to commit to someone, they expect it to be long-lasting and worthwhile.

    Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

    What to expect when dating an Aquarius:

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    On a good day: Inventive, friendly, independent, humanitarian, and original.

    On a not-so-good day: Detached, unemotional, aloof, uncompromising, and temperamental.

    Flirting: To turn on an Aquarius, be sure to cater to their intellectual side β€” there's nothing they love more than a captivating conversation with a smart and well-spoken person.

    Casually dating: Usually, an Aquarius will want to be your best friend before it turns into anything more. Let the relationship build naturally, and if it becomes romantic, then great! Better not to rush it.

    In a relationship: Aquarians need a certain amount of freedom to feel happy in a relationship. If you give them space and allow the love to grow from friendship, your partnership will be an intense and loving one.

    Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini.

    What to expect when dating a Pisces:

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    On a good day: Empathetic, artistic, intuitive, wise, and romantic.

    On a not-so-good day: Overly-sensitive, pessimistic, sad, fearful, and wishy-washy.

    Flirting: Pisces are often attracted to domineering personalities, but also look for warmth and sensitivity underneath. If you can showcase both sides of your personality, a Pisces will be immediately intrigued.

    Casually dating: Pisces will appreciate any sort of date as long as there's thought and emotion behind it. Something where you can interact and keep them out of their head is best β€” maybe a romantic dinner or a picnic in the park?

    In a relationship: Often shy, Pisces can take a second to open up and often do well with a more outspoken partner. If you take the lead in sharing your feelings, Pisces will tend to follow suit and prove to be a trusting and loyal lover.

    Most compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

    What advice do you have for attracting YOUR sign? Let us know in the comments! ✨

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