stephromanski I'm a writer, a traveler, a geek, and a mum - not necessarily in that order.
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  • #RIPVine

    With the news that Twitter will be shuttering Vine in the coming months, I started tweeting Vines that I’ve loved throughout the time it’s been alive, and then I thought I’ll do this instead. #RIPVine :(

  • Celebrating Fan Artists

    Fandom art is and always has been a thing. From innocent to pornographic, we’ve got it all. But instead of confronting celebrities with the extreme, why not show them more of that spectrum?

  • The Subtleties Of BBC’s Sherlock

    Multiple viewings along with the help of fans with the deductive powers of Sherlock himself have led to the discovery of the myriad of subtleties within the show that enrich every viewing. Read on to see what I mean.

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