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With the news that Twitter will be shuttering Vine in the coming months, I started tweeting Vines that I've loved throughout the time it's been alive, and then I thought I'll do this instead. #RIPVine :(

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I'm going to miss Vine. / Via Marlon Webb

It gave us this guy.

Cat vines :( / Via Tumblr

Come on! This shit's great!

Honestly, stuff like this is why I go online. WHY TWITTER? WHY DO YOU HATE US?

Jus Reign told the Star Wars saga in 7 seconds. I mean... / Via Jus Reign

Lol'd til I couldn't lol no more

More cat vines

Guaranteed laughs in an otherwise dreary world.


As a news source, Vine may not be top of the heap, but when it captured big news, it really captured big news as in the case of a Norwegian football fan capturing the moment at the State de France when an explosion could be heard.


It captured pop culture moments for the masses.


But mostly, Vine was just funny as hell, and totally random. That's what I love about it. I mean come on, wtf is up with these rubber birds? Why is this 7 seconds funny? I don't know and I don't care.

So enjoy this basket of baby corgis while you can.

And this adorable otter.

And I guess I gotta get my laughs from Instagram.

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