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Christmas Shopping For A Sherlockian

I've come across some stellar gift ideas for that Sherlock fan in your life. Okay... I was shopping for myself, but really, this stuff is so cool I had to share.

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2. Own a piece of the show! / Via Rockett St. George

Sherlock famously had a cuppa with Moriarty in The Reichenbach Fall, and you can own a replica of the gorgeous tea set used on the show made by the company that provided it for the episode! We have the teapot and cup/saucer and it is delightful to pour ourselves a cup, sit down and play Cluedo.

7. Put that gorgeously hideous wallpaper on your phone! / Via Redbubble

Paul McGuigan's eye for detail is the reason we get to enjoy this iconically ugly wallpaper on the show. 221B would not be the same without this and without the smiley :)

8. Play 'Spot the Union Jack' while watching the show!

This pillow travels around the sitting room of 221B. Sometimes John has commandeered it, sometimes Sherlock steals it. Either way, I bought this from Amazon and I love it. It really is quite comfy!

9. Support the wonderful fandom artists!

This is "The Virtuoso" by artist Alice X. Zhang. Isn't it stunning? I had been admiring this piece for over a year before I smacked my head and said, "Just buy it you idiot." - I've never purchased fanart before. I am not disappointed and the print hangs in my hallway where I can admire it every day.

Alice's work was noticed by people associated with Sherlock, and she's now officially licensed to release artwork for the show and for Doctor Who by the BBC! How amazing is that?

I will add to this as I come across more cool things devoted to my favorite show. I hope I gave you a few ideas if you are shopping for that difficult Sherlockian in your life. Or for yourself ;)

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