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Nick And Vanessa Lachey Denied Mailing Jessica Simpson A Gift And Things Got Awkward Fast

"I don't know her address."

Nick and Vanessa Lachey stopped by The Today Show this morning...and they had a very awkward moment with hosts Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager when the topic of Nick's ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, came up.

It all started when Hoda mentioned that Jessica had just stopped by the studio to promote her upcoming memoir, Open Book. Jessica told Hoda she was on great terms with Nick and Vanessa — and mentioned a "beautiful" gift she got from the couple after she gave birth.

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"[Jessica] kept saying, 'They sent me something beautiful when I had my children,'" Hoda recalled.

Nick then started talking about something else, but Vanessa interrupted him with a very confused look on her face. She wanted to circle back to the gift thing.

"I feel bad, I'm sorry," she interjected. "You said somebody sent her [something]...It wasn't us."

"But thank you, whoever sent it from us," she added with an awkward laugh.

At this point, everyone in the room was a little bit like ???, but Hoda tried to explain Jessica's story again.

"She got something nice from you guys after — I don't remember — some moment in her life, and she thought it was sweet. So she sort of was, like, saying thanks to you guys."

"What did you send?" Nick asked Vanessa quietly.

"No, I didn't," Vanessa responded awkwardly.

"You can't remember?" Hoda asked.

"No, I didn't," Vanessa said again, visibly perplexed.

"I don't know her address. But thank you, whoever sent it from us," she added.

Okay, so I have approximately one billion questions. Did someone actually send Jessica a gift pretending it was from Nick and Vanessa? Or is Jessica misremembering?? Or is Vanessa forgetting??? And why does Vanessa feel the need to make it clear to the world that she did NOT in fact send Jessica Simpson a present??? Just take the credit and run!

Here's poor Hoda's face upon realizing she walked into something she clearly was not expecting:

Sadly, the world may never know the truth. You can watch all the awkwardness unfold below:

🚨 I desperately need to know who sent 👑Jessica a gift on behalf of N*ck & Vanessa Lachey. 🚨