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17 People Who Had No Clue Who The Fuck They Were Talking To


1. This guy who tried to correct J.K. Rowling about a Harry Potter detail:

2. This woman who had no idea she was swimming with an Olympian:

3. This Twitter user who called someone a "bandwagon" fan of the Dallas Cowboys, not realizing they were talking to one of the team's players:

4. This guy who tried to call out Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello for expressing a political opinion:

5. This person who tried to correct a CEO about the name of his own company:

6. This person in an online forum who asked a moderator, "who are you to moderate me?":

7. This woman who accidentally delivered a rather sick burn to Zach Galifianakis:

8. This guy who did not realize he was speaking to the professor:

9. Whoever did not realize that Jonathan Hickman writes actual Marvel comics:

10. This TSA agent who did not recognize Tony Hawk:

11. ...And this other TSA agent who did not recognize Tony Hawk:

12. ...And then there was this lady, who also did not recognize Tony Hawk:

13. This Twitter user who tried to argue that Donald Trump wrote his own the person who actually wrote Donald Trump's book:

14. This woman who did not recognize Mara Wilson, the star of Matilda:

15. This person who tried to argue about Indiana Jones' costumes with the woman who actually made them:

16. This bartender who did not recognize Stephen Amell, who plays the Green Arrow:

17. And finally, there's this person, who lost their NASA internship after accidentally cussing out a member of the National Space Council.

H/t to r/dontyouknowwhoiam