The Cast Of "The Office" Keeps Getting Asked About A Reboot — Here's What Everyone's Said

    Time for an investigation.

    Because we're living in the Age of the Reboot, there have been a lot of ~rumors~ lately about The Office returning to our TVs.

    Last summer, the chairman of NBC Entertainment revealed in an interview that he wanted a reboot to happen, saying that the show has an "open invitation" to come back.

    And this December, there were reports that a reboot was finally going to happen. Those reports were never confirmed by NBC, but sources did tell the Hollywood Reporter that the network was at least "eyeing" a revival.

    With all this chatter going around, LOTS of Office cast members have been asked whether they'd take part in a reunion. It's basically the first question they get asked in interviews now.

    So, without further ado, here are all the cast members who've spoken out about a possible reboot:

    Jenna Fischer: Wants a reboot.

    John Krasinski: Wants a reunion, maybe as a Christmas special.

    Rainn Wilson: Open to some sort of reunion.

    Mindy Kaling: Would definitely want to be involved somehow.

    Angela Kinsey: Here for it.

    Phyllis Smith: Thinks it's a great idea.

    Ed Helms: Says he'd do it.

    Craig Robinson: Ready for a reboot.

    Creed Bratton: Would do it, but with some reservations.

    So, pretty much the whole cast is game. Except for one...

    Steve Carell: It's gonna be a "no" from him, dawg.

    As sad as it would be to have an Office reboot without Steve Carell, it's also not TOO surprising — he left the series a few seasons before it ended, and his character had a pretty perfect sendoff.

    That said, BRING ON THE REBOOT, PEOPLE! I wanna know what my fave Dunder Mifflinites are up to these days, and the rest of the cast is READY FOR IT.

    It's the golden age of television, y'all!