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    Nicole Kidman Just Caught A Tarantula In Her Pool And The Video Is Extremely WTF


    This is Nicole Kidman — actor, producer, and as of yesterday.......tarantula wrangler.

    Nicole just posted a video on Instagram of her trapping a rather massive tarantula she found in her backyard. You can watch the video below. but warning: IT'S VERY STRESSFUL.

    Throughout the video, you can hear Nicole's kids freaking out in the background. But Nicole herself stays cool as a cucumber, eventually trapping the tarantula under a glass.

    "House guest!" Nicole captioned the video. "Catch and release...spider released unharmed and healthy."

    It's not clear from the video whether this tarantula drama went down in Australia or America, since she divides her time between the two. But I think I speak for all Americans when I say, I REALLY HOPE THIS WAS IN AUSTRALIA.

    Since posting the video, some of Nicole's famous friends have commented being like, WTF. Her Big Little Lies co-star Zoe Kravitz was not having it:

    Octavia Spencer was understandably OUT:

    Naomi Watts will have trouble sleeping now:

    Sarah Paulson enjoyed the kids screaming in the background:

    And Lily Aldridge could not even find the words:

    Way to save the day, Nicole.