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    Sophie Turner's Comments About Being A "Homebody" Who Struggles To Lock “Social Butterfly” Joe Jonas Down Have Resurfaced Online Amid Reports Their Divorce Is Due To Her Partying

    In the same interview, six-months-pregnant Sophie said that Joe would text her asking for tequila shots while he hosted online livestreams during lockdown.

    On Sunday, the world of showbiz was rocked when TMZ reported that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had split after four years of marriage.

    The news was particularly shocking as Sophie had been spotted being an incredibly supportive wife at a Jonas Brothers concert just three weeks earlier, which she also posted about on social media at the time.

    There was further confusion when Joe posted a photo with his wedding ring front and center on Monday, but just hours later TMZ confirmed that he had filed for a divorce.

    The two stars first met back in 2016 after Joe slid into Sophie's Instagram DMs when she was 20 and he 27. They got engaged a year later, and tied the knot in 2019 — the same year that the show that catapulted Sophie to global fame, Game of Thrones, came to an end.

    In 2020, Joe and Sophie became parents as they welcomed their first child together, with their second daughter born in July of last year.

    And while the two have always maintained an air of privacy around their marriage, the divorce already looks like it is going to be an entirely different story.

    Several sources from Joe's camp have given various gossip publications information about the split, but there was one report in particular that has ruffled feathers.

    On Tuesday, while confirming the couple's divorce, TMZ claimed that it is Sophie's "alleged affinity for the nightlife" that prompted Joe's decision to separate.

    “She likes to party; he likes to stay at home. They have very different lifestyles,” a source told the publication.

    However, this has confused fans as both Sophie and Joe have repeatedly said that she is a "homebody" in recent years.

    And one interview in particular has resurfaced online amid TMZ's article; Sophie's virtual chat with Conan O'Brien during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

    Looking cozy in a knitted jumper and sweatpants, Sophie admitted to the host that she was "kind of loving" quarantine life.

    Conan asked: "You like this business of staying home, don't you?" and she enthusiastically replied: "Yeah, I'm an introvert. I'm a homebody. I'm just like, if I could stay home all day I would, so this is great for me."

    "I leave the house, like, once a day anyway, to walk my dogs, and then that's it," Sophie added.

    Sophie then went on to reveal that it is actually Joe who enjoys being out all of the time, and that she was grateful for lockdown because she normally struggles to "lock him down."

    "Everything seems to be working out in my favor here," she laughed. "Because Joe's a real social butterfly so I struggle to lock him down and have him just spend time with me. It's like prison for him, but it's great for me."

    After discussing the livestream DJ sets that Joe was doing from home at the time, Sophie said that she supported him by bringing him alcohol.

    "I pour him his alcohol," she said. "I give him tequila shots."

    Sophie, who was secretly six months pregnant during this interview, explained that Joe texts her "what time is it?" when she is in the kitchen, with the expected response "shot time!"

    And Sophie's introverted nature was reiterated when she and Joe took part in a couple's TikTok challenge that same year. When the question "who's the homebody in the relationship?" was asked, both Joe and Sophie agreed that it was her without any hesitation.

    TikTok @JoeJonas / Via

    Referencing the Conan interview while discussing TMZ's latest report yesterday, one person wrote on a Reddit forum: "During lockdown Sophie stated she was glad it meant Joe finally spent some time at home cause she’s the homebody."

    Someone else said: "Gtfo with the she likes to party and he likes to stay home narrative 🙄"

    Another commented: "It seems like a desperate attempt to portray her as a party girl. The only evidence of partying I saw from her was when she was a freakin teenager living in the UK, what like 8 years ago??"

    "That bit about how Sophie is always out partying that JJ’s team just put out in TMZ is pushing a narrative that’s the complete opposite in reality," one more claimed.

    And others began to speculate that Sophie was only out more than she usually is in recent months because she has been in her home country of England for work, filming her upcoming TV show Joan.

    "She has been filming, of course she’s not spending every minutes at homes, she’s not home," someone pointed out.

    Another agreed: "I would bet most of my paycheck that the 'partying' has been Sophia overseas for work, away from her kids, and going out and having fun after filming. Because…ready for this…she actually can!!!!!!!!!"

    Meanwhile, some mused that if Sophie actually has started to enjoy partying more recently, then it may just be a reflection of her and Joe's seven-year age gap.

    "Why do men marry women 7 years younger than them and act surprised when they live a more youthful lifestyle and want bigger lifestyles outside their children than the average mother?" one Reddit user asked. "You got to live ur 20s, what about her?"

    "This is what happens when you marry someone wayyy younger than you Joe," someone else echoed.

    One more claimed: "Such a classic and disgusting case of a guy seeking out a younger woman only to then take issue with her wanting to do typical things a woman her age does. Not that she’s even some party animal!!"

    And even though this celebrity split is incredibly new, this isn't the first time that people have taken issue with the source quotes surrounding it.

    In Sunday's initial article about the breakup, TMZ wrote in their report: "We're told over the last 3 months, Joe has been caring for their 2 young children 'pretty much all of the time,' even as his band was touring. We're told Joe currently has both kids, as the group plays around the U.S.."

    This narrative was immediately called out for pushing archaic gender roles when it comes to parenting, with it being questioned whether the information would have even been mentioned if Sophie was the one caring for the kids — especially if Joe had been on another continent for work at the time.

    "Sad as hell that a young mother is going to get dragged through the mud because...wait for it... A father had to take care of his own children. You can't make this shit up," one person wrote in response.

    Another sarcastically tweeted: "Breaking News: Man parents his own children while his wife is away at work."

    Despite the increasing number of reports surrounding their relationship, neither Joe or Sophie have publicly commented on the situation.