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    Kelly Clarkson's Opinion On 24 Random Things

    "On fleek?! Is that... is that English?!"

    Kelly Clarkson is currently in Australia promoting her new album, Piece By Piece, and its first single "Heartbeat Song". We sat down with Kelly while she was in Sydney to find out what gets her heart beating fast, and what makes it flatline.

    1. Selfie sticks.

    2. Fifty Shades of Grey.

    3. People who just text "K".

    4. Elaborate promposals.

    5. Twitter feuds.

    6. People who don't have Facebook.

    7. The phrase "on fleek".

    8. Ghosts.

    9. Eggplant Friday.

    10. Waffles.

    11. Green juice.

    12. The Real Housewives.

    13. Halloween.

    14. Crimped hair.

    15. Sandals and socks.

    16. Yoga.

    17. Instagram.

    18. Crocs.

    19. Record players.

    20. Feminism.

    21. Meninism.

    22. Normcore.

    23. Pugs.

    24. Kittens.

    Buy Kelly's album Piece By Piece on iTunes here!